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Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?

Dear Bantu, (please do not respond unless you have read this entire post)...(printing it out may be alittle less stressful on your eyes)

This is soul food...may you eat wisdom like honey and may it open you eyes to greater understand Truth... in all your humilty.

Bantu, you stated, "Black oppression is really the most horrible to me."

I fully agree with you there, and this your experience which I h onor deeply... but I say unto you that Native American (Indian) oppression in North America has been, is far worse perhaps? You do not see many Native people walking hand in hand at the white house with persidents as you do black people, or you do not see many Natives on TV commercials, movies, as you would black peoples. Are there 'Black Reservations' like there are Native reservations???

There were millions of Native Americans who lived in harmony with this earth before the whites came and invaded this land. Look at how polluted North America is after only a few hundred years of the white poeple being here! Native people still are considered a minority here... yet should we stay loathing in hatred?

And to think of it, actually, even more deeper than any oppression ever to have hit this world and planet is the OPPRRESSION OF WOMEN.

All this in consideration... I do not feel that breeding hatred, fear, and separation is the answer. Not at all. To be inforgiving hurts the one who hangs on to this poison the deepest. Its time for all walks of life stand up against who is really dictating the massive movement toward world domination and slavery:

The Multi- Million-Billion dollar Patriarchial Bankers.

Do not be fooled. These beings are playing with the WHOLE world like we are a monopoly game. There is a dark force in the world that have been pitting peoples against eachother for centuries. Since the days of the giants. These forces feeds off of our unrest and our ignorance... and now these greedy bankers and power hungry beings are under oath in a hidden sect, and are very skilled in ancient mythology and science. They build toy cites of all the world in their secret towers.

If you understand history alittle bit you will find that as early as 30,000 B.C.E. human beings applied their creative energies not solely for survival, but applied their tools to carve stone, ivory and bone. Archaeologists have discovered thousands of engravings, reliefs and sculptures across a vast expanse of land stretching from the Pyrenees in Spain to Lake Baikal in Siberia, all images of the Mother Goddess.

We have to step out of our twentieth century programming, and move back in time and consciousness well before any written history began, back before writing and the wheel were invented, back to a time perhaps when humans were first learning to speak. It is here, that we find ourselves in a world where the Female embodies the mysterious and miraculous powers of Nature. The biological functions of the female body were seen as manifestations of the sacred and magical powers of some greater reality.

These primordial images speak to us of a perception of the World as organic and whole. They represent a reality where "Spirit AND Nature" were united, and therefore always manifesting the mysterious and the sacred. Everything was interconnected, woven together in a life-giving, nourishing and regenerating universal form - The Goddess.

At the entrance of many caves - the most sacred places of our early ancestors, the sign of the vulva was carved to indicate the sanctuary of the Great Mother, and the source of her regenerative powers. Caves were seen as the womb of the Mother, a place of not only protection, but a place of initiation where the bond with the Mother was renewed. It was also a place where the individual was returned in death, to be regenerated and reborn.

Anthropologists have found tribal people as late as this century, still using red ochre in their rituals. When they asked Australian aborigines what it was they were putting on themselves and their sacred stones, they replied: "menstrual blood".

Another remarkable feature about this culture is that there are no signs of warfare, or the manufacture of weapons. There are no carvings, pictures or symbols of humans killing or fighting other human beings. Hilltops and mountains that were later used as sites for fortresses, at this period are used for shrines and temples.

We now understand this was the key to a practice and belief system that has continued for over 75,000 years, and spread in cultures all over the globe. It was the belief that the mysterious power of creation and regeneration, resided in menstrual blood.

In the ancient and almost universal culture that we have been examining in detail, women didn't dominate men as in the later societies, where men had absolute power over women. We do not find any indications of a pyramid social structure, or hierarchy dominated by a woman or a group of women who gathered most of the wealth and power for themselves, leaving the rest of the society fighting over the crumbs, as we repeatedly find in the later societies ruled exclusively by male hierarchies. Rather, we find cooperative communities where the primary ethic was based on sharing, the sharing of food, natural resources and work. By every indication these early communities sought to live in harmony with the organic and cyclic processes of Nature, rather than to dominate or exploit their environment, a process that begins to be so typical in the later Bronze Age developments.

Women in the ancient world knew themselves to a part of man: womb-man. They loved mankind with a deep wisdom and men also equally love the women in return. The men saw women as the bearers of all life. Their womb being very sacred. Not something to feared as you would see it in the bible. Eve was beautiful, as was Adham.

This is the story of our genetic heritage and the psychic template of our common past. It is a Spirituality grounded in our Biology. Within the scope of this bio-spirituality, all of Nature is mysteriously infused with the sacred power of the Goddess. And all things are a medium of Her creative expression. The rhythms of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the tides of the sea, the cycles of the womb are all processes of a living and unified whole.

In all areas of the world where the culture of the Goddess flourished, we find the serpent symbolized by coils, spirals, and zigzag lines as far back as 20,000 years ago. Later on however, the Goddess herself was portrayed in the image of a snake. She was known in this aspect by many names.

The serpent then, entwined around the Cosmic Tree of Life became a universal image with many levels of meaning. In the most general terms perhaps, we find in this symbol the energy of the Earth, the dynamic self-renewing life-force, rising up and embracing the Celestial realms, the invisible and transcendental dimensions of Life. The Earth and the Heavens are here perceived to be united through the organic processes of Life-Energy. Spirit and Nature are recognized as a unified field in which the creative energies of the Universe ebb and flow in a continuous process of transformation.

But what is particularly important about the evidence we find from 3,000 B.C.E. on, is the fact that in the Sumerian cities in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, people actually began to write down their religious beliefs. Archaeologists have uncovered, literally tens of thousands of inscribed clay tablets.

By no means have all of these tablets been translated. But from what has been translated so far, these people had a rich and mature literature consisting of epic tales, hymns, proverbs, fables and essays. What is particularly significant about this, is that all these writings existed well before the Aryan Vedas, and at least a thousand years before the Bible or Homer's Odyssey.

What has been discovered is the GODDESS CULTURE.

The culture of the Goddess flourished in India and thru out the enitire geological area producing some of the most amazing and unique temples to be found anywhere on Earth. These temples were dedicated to the creative energies of the Male and Female in a spectacular display of sexual expressions. One can see elaborate carvings on the exterior of some of the temples, and witness an array of sexual attitudes and positions that are truly wonderful. The people of this early culture saw nothing but beauty, pleasure and power in all expressions of human sexuality, and this message is definitely revealed in their art.

The culture and traditions from this period held that any individual of the community could come to the temple and participate in the sacrament of the Sacred Marriage; to participate in the sexual union of the God and Goddess, and thereby become blessed, empowered, healed or made more whole.

Then as early as 4,000 B.C.E., waves of alien Patriarchal people, with an entirely different culture began to arrive. These people were not peaceful, and the ancient culture of the Goddess began to change as a result of their traumatic impact.

The entire metaphysical structure that served as the religious foundation for thousands of years, was now undergoing a tremendous upheaval. By the year 2,500 B.C.E. the great Goddess had receded into the background of the religious stage, as the concept of a Father God began to gain prominence.

The original explanation of Creation emerging from the body of the Mother Goddess was eventually replaced by the role of the Father God, who made the world through various creative techniques (technology). The Natural World was no longer seen as the substance of the Divine, as the Spirit made Flesh, but separated into two distinct worlds. Heaven and Earth were now divorced, and consequently all their children lived in an Age of Separation.

Not only do we find the separation of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Nature, but we also find a growing sense of separation and polarity within the human psyche as well. In fact, it can be said that these dramatic changes in the basic beliefs of the culture, are reflections of the psychological changes experienced in the collective consciousness of the people. Human consciousness had turned a corner. The distinct perception of the human being as a unique and separate individual was beginning to dawn on the mental landscape of the species.

And this new perception of the autonomous individual that no longer completely identified with the Natural World, gave rise to an entirely different religious outlook.

It is interesting to note, that it is at this point in human development, that our official record of history begins. All of our written history is a recording of our journey into this new conceptual landscape of polarity and oppositions. The old paradigm in which the Whole contained both the darkness and the light as complimentary elements, is no longer perceived or taught. There is now a conflict between the forces of darkness and light, and human beings are perceived to be caught in the ongoing struggle between the two.

We have been, are being fooled by one of the greatest lies to hvae ever been wriiten and tampered with: The Bible.

The bible which MOST of the world reads is not even NEAR the truth of who Jesus was when he roamed this earth in the flesh.

First off Jesus was a Black African Jew. Mary Mageledine was NO WHORE, she was a black Priestess. They loved eachother. They were initiated into the Great Pyramids and holy temples to bring the light of LOVE to this world. They were avatars, telekinetic, masters of their physical body, mind and soul....

The bible was constructed together by very dark Roman priests who were so jealous of Jesus and the pagan christians, who did NOT even know Jesus personally, that they "pretended" to join the Christians. These Romans gained there power by the very power they thought to be as the scourge of the Earth.

The apostle Paul of the "New Testament" was the absolute enemy of Mary and everything that Jesus stood for. He was a jeolous man. He was THE one who spent most his life feeding these beautiful humble pagan Christians to the Lions. He was not winning the "fight" so he joined them. This is the birthing of the Roamn Catholic Order.

The greatest proponent of male domination within the early Christian Church was the apostle "Paul". He of course never knew Jesus personally, and in his early life actually persecuted the early Christians. Yet it is his books that we see most written about in the New Testament. After his "conversion", he began preaching a gospel that in regard to women, was the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Jesus had taught and lived.

For in his first letter to the Corinthians in Greece, he brings up the Old Testament to establish that women, by their inherent nature, are not equal to men. In Chapter 11 verses 8 and 9 he says: "For the man is not taken from the woman; but the woman from the man. And the man indeed was not created for the woman, but the woman for the man."

Later on in the same letter he lays down the law:

"Let the women keep silence in the churches, for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, so saith the law. And if they learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

One can only guess at what Mary Magdalene, and all the women that supported Jesus had to say about this sexist attitude. But Paul doesn't stop there. Not only does he establish women as a secondary form of human creation, but now because of Eve, all women are not to be trusted.

In his first letter to Timothy Chapter 2:11-14 we read:

"Let the woman learn in silence with full submission. But I suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed and then Eve, and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in transgression..."

Paul attempts to set the record straight once and for all. He restates the curse: "Wives shall submit to their husbands in everything." Ephesiuus 5:24. And, "The head of a woman is her husband." I Corn. 11:37. An extension of this absurd logic is of course, that a woman without a husband is like a woman without a head. As ridiculous as this may seem, the tragic fact was, this accurately reflected the prevailing mind-set of the patriarchy. All these we read in the New Testament.

It is well worth considering, all the records we have of the early Christian Church were written by the Roman Church "fathers". The Church "mothers" had all been silenced and their works destroyed. An avalanche of negativity came down and literally swept them from our collective past.

A typical example of the dominant attitude against women teaching in the early Church is expressed by Epiphanius, the Bishop of Cyprus. Evidently, at one time in his early life he had joined a group of Christian women in Egypt. After he had left them he describes their teachings as "nonsense" and a "salacious myth". He never reveals exactly what this teaching was, but he felt justified in attacking them.

"For the women who told me about this salacious myth were outwardly very charming, but all the devils ugliness was in their vile minds. However the merciful God saved me from their depravity... I reported these people to the local bishop, and found which of them were masquerading as members of the church. And so they were driven out of the city, about eighty of them, and it was cleansed of their rank, thorny growth."(9)

This type of cleansing took place on a wide scale. The Church fathers continued to preach their gospel of intolerance, not only toward women teaching in the Christian movement, but they vehemently attacked all facets of the Feminine Perspective as well. They effectively cast a dark shadow of negativity over everything associated with women: motherhood, the physical body, sexuality, and the entire Natural World.

One of the early Church fathers, Irenaeus, the Bishop of Lyons in the 2nd Century, claimed that Eve was responsible for bringing death upon herself and all the human race.(10) Because of this belief, we find in a number of the early writings, the idea that Jesus brought immortality to human kind and therefore came to "destroy the works of womanhood". In other words, birth and physical existence in and of themselves are seen in a negative context, simply because they end in death. The exact same idea was presented in the Buddhist scriptures some 500 years earlier.

This negative interpretation of physical existence is developed further by Origenes Adamantius, at one time widely considered to be the greatest of all early Christian theologian. He has this profound revelation for us to consider:

"Everyone who enters the world is said to be affected by a kind of contamination. By the very fact that he is placed in his mother's womb . . ."(11)

Not content to leave it at that, St. Augustine later brings this concept to a strange and twisted conclusion:

"By a kind of divine justice the human race was handed over to the devil's power, since the sin of the first man passed at birth to all who were born by the intercourse of the two sexes, and the debt of the first parents bound all their posterity..."(12)

Here we find that procreation is the instrument for transmitting sin and death in this world. Later on he explains: "The continuation of the world carries on the crucifixion and agony of the historical Jesus."

With this, we have the completion of a metaphysical doctrine against humanity. Human beings are not perceived as inherently part of a divine and sacred existence. On the contrary, the very fact that we are born into physical existence, renders us evil, corrupt and condemned. Birth, sexuality and death, are all inextricably woven in the fabric of our fallen nature.

Based on this metaphysics of alienation, the male dominated Christian hierarchy, early on began preaching the Gospel "against the Natural World". The world from this point of view, is divorced from any spiritual reality. The world is not our home. The body is not our friend. And God is somewhere else. "Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." James 4:4.

Psychologically, this split within the Consciousness of human beings produced a social and cultural atmosphere charged with disaffection and repression. Sexuality was no longer regarded as a sacrament, a means by which we came into the immediate and tangible contact with the Divine, but as something dangerous, and sinful. Asceticism became the dominant mind-set of the day. The body and all its natural tendencies were to be sacrificed to the Spirit, so that the Natural World might be conquered.

Obsessed with these concepts, virginity and martyrdom were seen as weapons to be used in the war against the physical dimensions of life. Celibacy was celebrated as a sign of success in this campaign of spiritual conquest. It was elevated above all virtues, and seen as a panacea for all the evil of this world. It was the one way of destroying "the works of the woman", and stopping the continuation of this corrupt world, that in the words of St. Augustine "carries on the crucifixion and agony of the historical Jesus."

In this toxic psychology of fear, repression and guilt, the Female became the universal symbol of everything negative and depraved. The Goddess culture was lost.

Personally I am tired of all the HATE that haugnts the heart of mankind.

In the beginning of the Christian Revolution the faithful were understandably persecuted by the established power structure of the Semitic tribes, as well as the patriarchy of Rome. This new Movement was perceived as a dangerous threat to the powers of the day, and rightly so.

But as the Movement grew, values of the male dominated cultures began to infiltrate and eventually overshadow the feminine values of love and forgiveness, nonviolence and cooperation. And men began to take over all positions of influence and power.

By 300 AD we find a male Christian hierarchy so powerful within the Roman Empire, that it could successfully lobby for official recognition, and the right to worship publicly within the city of Rome itself.

The popular myth concerning this reversal of public policy, is that in 312 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine miraculously converted to Christianity. If in fact he ever did convert to Christianity, it certainly was NOT a conversion to the teachings of Jesus. Later on in his life, he had his wife Fusta boiled alive and his own son strangled. He also declared himself to be the new Messiah, who would spread the Faith to the far ends of the Earth.

At this turning point in history, the Christian religion became part of the very Establishment that it originally saw as the scourge of the Earth. Within less than a hundred years, the Roman Empire ruled as "Christians" themselves.

The Roman Conquest.

We are now approaching "the twilight zone" of Western history, a black hole of cultural values into which such concepts as justice, equality, human rights, and common sense disappeared. Very few history books actually explain what happened, and those writers that have attempted some insight into this period, use such terminology as "mass hysteria", or "collective psychosis", and pretty much let it go at that. The implication is, it was an aberration, an exceptionally dark time of history to which there is no rational explanation.

The analogy of the dysfunctional family is once again most appropriate. No one wants to face the hard truth about Daddy. Part of the healing process is coming out of this denial, talking about what happened and seeing it for what it is. And surprisingly, we find there are some rational explanations.

Part of this process of understanding is to put the events in their proper context. When viewed in the broader perspective of the preceding millennia, the picture becomes more clear. For the conceptual architecture in the developments of this period of history, was meticulously being developed several thousand years earlier. We have examined these psychic blueprints; the ideas and beliefs that helped form an entire culture.

As we know, the physical structure of the Roman Empire did not last, but the religious and cultural Empire that replaced it continued to grow in strength and size. The patriarch of the Roman Church continued to consolidate an increasing amount of power in his office, until his word was perceived as the word of God. The Popes saw the European continent as a big chess board, with every king and tribal chieftain as a piece on the board, to be moved and manipulated as they saw fit. It was a most profitable game in terms of power and wealth, and it lasted for over a thousand years.

In 1252 Pope Innocent IV issued a series of edicts aimed at the pagans, heathens, heretics and witches. It authorized the seizure of land and goods, imprisonment, and torture to secure an admission of guilt, from anyone that happened to fall under the suspicious eye of the Church. Upon giving a confession, they were then convicted and sentenced to death - usually to be burned at the stake.

This proved to be the most effective extorsion racket ever devised, and nearly all the local governments wanted in on it. By this means, the Church and State acquired huge amounts of land from the rural population and peasants.

At about the same time, there was a rising professional class of men called "doctors of medicine". These men saw what the Church was doing as a wonderful opportunity to eliminate their competition among the country folk. Women who were practicing the art of healing, and caring for the sick without the medical establishments' stamp of approval, were simply accused of using witchcraft. Witchcraft was a heresy, a crime against God, so the Inquisition took over from there.

In 1484 two Dominican priests named Kramer and Sprenger published a book entitled the Malleus Maleficarum, meaning: "The Hammer of the Evil Doers". This became the witch hunter's handbook for over 200 years, and went through 30 editions.(17)

In this exalted and authoritive document we discover the "real" reasons for witchcraft.

"All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which in women is insatiable... wherefore for the sake of fulfilling their lust they consort even with devils." It goes on to enlighten us further. "More carnal than a man... she is deceitful, with a slippery tongue, a liar by nature. She is naturally credulous and impressionable, therefore quicker to waver in her faith, and consequently quicker to abjure the faith, which is the root of all witchcraft."

Under this system of beliefs almost anyone could be accused of being a heretic or a witch. And once the accusation was made, it was in fact, worse than receiving a death sentence. The person accused, very likely would never know who the accuser was. All proceedings were in secret. The person accused was not informed of the nature of the charges. Furthermore, they were not even allowed legal counsel. Evidence was accepted from anyone who would come up with a damaging report, even known criminals, perjurers, excommunicates and young children were allowed to testify against the accused. Torture was then used to secure a confession.

In the Malleus Maleficarum the process is pretty well spelled out for us.

The accused must be "often and frequently exposed to torture. If after being fittingly tortured she refuses to confess the truth, he (the inquisitor) should have other engines of torture brought before her, and tell her that she will have to endure these if she does not confess. If then she is not induced by terror to confess, the torture must be continued." If by chance the individual remains alive and still refuses to confess, "she is not to be altogether released, but must be sent to the squalor of prison for a year, and be tortured, and be examined very often, especially on the Holy Days."(18)

What is particularly revealing is that generally during the most preliminary of the proceedings, a female who was accused of being a witch, was usually gang raped. These multiple rapes however, were never regarded as part of the actual process of torture.

This psychopathic campaign continued for hundreds of years in Europe. Torture was sanctioned and remained a legal recourse of the Church for over 500 years, and wasn't officially abolished until 1816 by Pope Pius VII. It is difficult to determine how many deaths were the result. But rough estimates indicate that anywhere between 8 to 12 million women were murdered by the Church and State.

What is important to understand here, is these attitudes were not isolated beliefs, but were all part of a huge, and growing conceptual current that had its beginnings several thousand years before, when the first Semitic tribes invaded the civilized areas of Mesopotamia and the Middle East.

When the Protestant Reformation came along, they did in fact reform many areas within the Christian movement. But unfortunately, they too were caught up in this powerful current that believed in the inherent superiority of the male; the divine right of domination, conquest and exploitation; and the use of violence and killing as a means to achieve their ends. They also participated in the campaign against the pagans, heretics, Jews, witches, slaughtering millions of innocent people.

Both Martin Luther and John Calvin continued the gospel against women. They both believed that women should be subject to their husbands in all things, as a punishment for the sin of Eve. For a woman to refuse this type of subjugation, was to refuse the judgement of God.

Luther pretty well spells it out for us:

"The rule remains with the husband, and the wife is compelled to obey him by God's command. He rules the home and the state, wages wars, defends his possessions, tills the soil, builds, plants, etc. The woman, on the other hand, is like a nail driven in the wall. She sits at home and... does not go beyond her most personal duties..."

As I have indicated many times in this presentation, there is a subtle, underlying connection between the physical body, sexuality, women and the Natural World. To devaluate, or attack any one of these, will negatively involve the others.

With this realization in mind, we can better understand how the next dark chapter in our history unfolded. In 1452 Pope Nicholas V, issued an official document to King Alfonso of Portugal. This document was entitled Romanus Pontifex. In effect, it expanded the war against the witches and heretics to include all non-Christians throughout the world. It actively promoted the idea of conquest, colonization and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories. The Pope directed King Alfonso to

"capture, vanquish, and subdue the Saracens, pagans, and the other enemies of Christ . . . to put them into perpetual slavery . . . to take all their possessions and property."

With such direction and support from the Church, Portugal expanded its dominions by making "discoveries" along the Western coast of Africa, claiming the land for Portugal and using the indigenous people as slaves.

Shortly after, Columbus also made such profitable "discoveries" for Spain in the Americas. In 1493 Pope Alexander VI, issued an official document to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella entitled Inter Cetera Divinae. This document granted to Spain the same powers of conquest and exploitation that had been given to Portugal. In this way, the Christian imperialist ambitions would eventually expand to include the New World.

The invasion into the Americas by the Christian European tribes, was a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Shortly after Columbus landed on the island he called Hispaniola, all the women leaders of the various clans were strangled to death, and all the ruling families eventually killed. Every person over the age of 14, was made to pay a certain amount of gold every 3 months to their new rulers. If they somehow failed to meet this obligation, they simply had one of their hands cut off. Many tried to escape this reign of terror, and were hunted down with dogs and killed. Many women aborted their babies, rather than bring them into a world ruled by such barbarians. Left with no options and no hope, there were mass suicides.

Because so many of the original inhabitants chose death rather than submit to a life of servitude, the Spanish were actually forced to import slaves from Africa.

Thirty years after the Spanish arrived on Hispaniola, the native population went from approximately one hundred fifty thousand people to no more than four thousand. Today there are no indigenous people left on the island where Columbus first set foot.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning. The conquest of the New World was the continuation of the same pathological condition that gave birth to the Inquisition, only now it had broadened its scope to include half the world. It became a systematic war waged on all native cultures.

Within a 100 years, literally millions of people either died of disease, murder, starvation, suicide or despair. No one really knows for sure how many people there were in the Americas before the invasions. There are now some educated estimates which claim that at least two thirds of the Native population died between 1519 and 1650. The question of numbers and percentages will never be fully answered. What is beyond dispute however, is that the actual number of survivors of the holocaust, reflect but a small fraction of the original inhabitants. The fact that there are any survivors at all, reflects the tremendous strength of their religious and cultural values, and the integrity of the people.

When exactly the Inquisition ended is purely academic at this point. The spirit of the Inquisition never ended. Instead of labeling the indigenous people as pagans, heathens, heretics or witches, the power structures simply called them other names, such as Indians, savages, and animals. Anyone who resisted the conquest, who tried to hold onto their own land, culture, religion, or personal dignity was seen as an enemy.

In the United States, the native population experienced the same holocaust as others did. The white European tribes wanted the land for themselves and were simply unwilling to share. They believed they were a superior race and their God had destined them to possess and rule the Earth.

This popular delusion was clearly reflected in a statement made by President Taft, as late as the beginning of this century. "The day is not far distant when the whole hemisphere will be ours in fact. As by virtue of our superiority of race, it already is ours morally".

By this statement however, Taft wasn't simply vocalizing public sentiment. For the instruments to make this racist dream a reality, had already come into being nearly a hundred years earlier. In 1823 the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of Johnson v. McIntosh adopted the Christian Doctrine of Discovery and Conquest. Chief Justice John Marshall pointed out that Christian European nations had gained "ultimate dominion" over the lands of America during "the Age of Discovery".

"Discovery", he explained, "gave an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian right of occupancy, either by purchase or by conquest . . . That law which regulates, and ought to regulate in general, the relations between the conquerors and the conquered was incapable of application to . . . the tribes of Indians . . . fierce savages who's occupation was war, and whose subsistence was drawn chiefly from the forest."

This blatant justification for classifying Native Americans as subhuman, unworthy of even the consideration given to a conquered people, became the legal foundation for U.S. Indian policy.

The indigenous people of the plains were particularly resistant to this racist policy. Consequently, in the 1880's the invading European tribes decided to eliminate the native people's food supply. In a twelve year period, approximately some 50 million buffalo were slaughtered. Huge mountains of carcasses were simply left to rot in the sun.

This not only eliminated the food supply, but decimated the entire culture of the plains people. They regarded the buffalo as their most sacred animal. The people depended on the buffalo not only for food, but for most everything else: shelter, clothing, tools, etc. Within a relatively short time, their entire world collapsed.

They were then relocated to the worst pieces of land the Government could find - euphemistically called reservations. These people were then supposedly out of the way, of the more serious business of white people - "settling the land".

At one time in Europe, before the violent campaigns of the Inquisition, the rural people or pagans held their land communally. The patriarchy with its values based on competitive greed, believed this practice to be at the very heart of pagan heresy, and vigorously sought to wipe it out.

As in Europe during the Middle Ages, control and ownership of land became the driving force of public policy in the United States. And as in Europe, we find the same savage campaigns to gain control of the rural population and their resources.


After nearly five thousand years, the same old patriarchal program of Discovery and Conquest is still running. Only now it is worldwide, from Africa and Indonesia to the Americas. One area that is so tragically typical of many places in the world is Guatemala.

In 1954 a U.S. backed military coup overthrew the democratically elected government in Guatemala. Some 8,000 peasants were murdered in the first two months. Particularly targeted, were Indian village leaders, union organizers and any of the clergy who were sympathetic to the poor.

Death squads set up by the CIA, increased their campaigns of terror to genocidal proportion in the 1970s. Over 400 villages of the indigenous Mayan people which make up 60% of the population were burned to the ground, and over 100,000 civilians were slaughtered or "disappeared". Many of the bodies that were found showed signs of torture and mutilation. Since 1980 45,000 people in Guatemala have disappeared, 175,000 have been killed and over 200,000 have been forced into exile. And the holocaust continues in Guatemala even today.

Instead of labelling these people heathens and savages, the power structure now conveniently refers to them as communists, guerrillas and terrorists, making them fair game for extermination. In exactly this way, whole tribes of native people in Central and South America are disappearing, even before we can learn of their existence. What little information we do get is second hand from other surviving tribal peoples.

But Bantu my friend in order to STOP hate from happening we must oursleves resist the urge to HATE. Even those who oppress us. I believe the greatest power we have is to love our enemies.

For this life is not only physical but "spiritual" and by the sacred laws of the Universe manifest in the exquisite design of all life everywhere, all thing will move to become align and in harmony with nature. Its is the way of the Sacred Law of Life. If you have a spiritual eye (micro-macroscopic vision) you will find the keys to heaven witness in even the smallest 'seed'. There is no separation between science and god. It is all the deeper study of who we are and of all life! Love is God.

No more separation, no more segregation!

Its time to UNITE together not war amongst eachother! Love is deep and if in our passion some white people have felt love for the blacks, or if some black people felt love a white person, native, chinese, celtic etc....so mote it be! The power of love is deep.

God is an energetic kinetic etherial force that moves within all of life. There is NO distinction between color, race, tounge... the distinction is felt and 'seen' by how much you "love".

Power to the Peaceful
Peace to the Powerful

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Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Q'Yin (sounds Chinese) MORE FEMINIST TRICKNOLO
Re: Q'Yin (sounds Chinese) MORE FEMINIST TRICKNOLO
Re: Q'Yin (sounds Chinese) MORE FEMINIST TRICKNOLO
Re: Q'Yin (sounds Chinese) MORE FEMINIST TRICKNOLO
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
VAMACARA TANTRA : The Left-Hand Path of Pleasure a *NM* *LINK*
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
Re: Bantu: Black, White, Native... WOMEN?
A truth that's told with bad intent...

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