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Like I said, I agree with Mama Afrika's definition pretty much. Babylon is literally "the west" yes but babylon is definitely also a mentality and a system. Anywhere there is downpression, that's babylon system right there. I'm sure the I knows that JA is considered to be "babylon" by Rastaman in JA. Guyana, where I am from, couldn't be more babylonic if it tried. I could post you some photographs of recent goings-on back home that would turn your stomach. Like Oshun Auset said on a certain thread I won't even bother to read today cos I've had a stressful day at work and I don't need any more blood pressure raising, Africa is chock-full of babylonian political leaders. So is Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, etc. etc.
This dual definition of babylon is the one I was always taught by my Rastafari family, none of whom is white.
There has never been one common definition of that that all Rastas adhered to. Rastafari has always had many different viewpoints represented, and that was right from the start. I'm sure Elder Baba Ras Marcus who helped build the movemant in the 50s would concur. Not all Rastas are going to agree on everything, IanI never have and never will. That is the beauty of the Rastafari movemant and that is why people do not overstand IanI. They look at IanI like IanI is a "religion", or "a political movement" and can't overstand how Rastafari can have elements of both, but be neither... Rastafari can never, ever be put in a box u c me my brudda.
There is no need to agree on everything anyway. The important thing is to work together with concrete practical actions based on the things we can agree on.
Nuff Respect and Blessings to all... me gone for the day, talk to de I's soon

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Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
welcome *NM*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
They bring you close till your cultures cold
Re: Definitions
Re: Definitions
Re: Definitions *LINK*
I like dat... I like dat
Re: I like dat... I like dat
The chosen concept
Re: The chosen concept
Re: Who and what is Babylon? *LINK*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon? *LINK*
black jesus retainer
so anyway seshata...
Big ego
It's not that easy
Re: It's not that easy
Call it what it is DEMONIC
Re: Call it what it is DEMONIC
well seshata, viruses and trolls run their course *NM*
All is as JAH wills it *NM* try this link *NM* *LINK*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
You are correct sistren
Re: You are correct sistren
I will check that book out *NM*
Re: You are correct sistren
Wonderful contribution!!!
Re: Wonderful contribution!!!
That's what I'm talkin bout
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Do Africa have space programs?
sorry Venezuela President: Hugo
I hate babylon's abuse of animals

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