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Re: Who and what is Babylon?
In Response To: Who and what is Babylon? ()

Greetings Selassielive and peace be multiplied to you. Sorry for our last reasoning, fo I spirit was engaeged in another battle, and I did not want you to feel I was taking it out on you. My apologies if that is the way you took it.

To answer your question, I must first know who is using the term Babylon. It really depends whoose mouth the term comes from. If the term is used by orthodox Rastas, and especialy those of the Nyabinghi order/mansion (like Iself), then Babylon is an actual physical place.

Look Selassielive, you said it best...."If a person believes that Babylon is a physical place, then anyone from that place are agents of Babylon".

You don't even know that you have just answered your own question. The meaning of Babylon began to expand, because the physical places that were ORIGINALY called Babylon by I rasta ELDERS, where now seeing more and more white folks wanting to become rastas. So if a white man wants to be a rasta and is from Babylon, then is he an evil rasta?.....nah InI can't have that. So what happens next, the defintion expands to include whites into the movement.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will explain to you what the ORIGINAL term of Babylon is, and not what some modern day white hippies who want to smoke weed and blast reagee make it out to be.

First and for most "ZION" is Ethiopia. Not because we are better and chosen, which many anti-semites claim, but rather simply put, it is the home, and seat of the throne of our Emperor Haile Selassie I, along with other Iblical prophecy that InI can get into, if you desire for this reasoning to go any further.

Second, Babylon as a term coined by InI Rasta Elders, was taken from the Ible, and associated with the great empires in the west, that STOLE InI from the shores of West Africa. Do we really have to start naming who these countries are? A state of mind did not dragg my behind to the western Hemisphere. A real live Babylonian from Babylon did, and not some state of mind.

But like I stated previously, now that white people have all this money, and wealth which along comes influence, now some of InI feel pressured to open and redefine Babylon not to offend the very ones who enslaved us.

The irony

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welcome *NM*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
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They bring you close till your cultures cold
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I like dat... I like dat
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black jesus retainer
so anyway seshata...
Big ego
It's not that easy
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well seshata, viruses and trolls run their course *NM*
All is as JAH wills it *NM* try this link *NM* *LINK*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
You are correct sistren
Re: You are correct sistren
I will check that book out *NM*
Re: You are correct sistren
Wonderful contribution!!!
Re: Wonderful contribution!!!
That's what I'm talkin bout
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Do Africa have space programs?
sorry Venezuela President: Hugo
I hate babylon's abuse of animals

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