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The chosen concept
In Response To: Re: Who and what is Babylon? ()

Many anti-semetic people who try to discredit Jah by stating that his choosing a certian people is wrong, perhaps do not know Jah all that well to make such a statement to begin with.

First we must see what the people were chosen for. Jah's people were chosen to be a nation of priest as according to the Ible. Meaning that InI are to be the lighthouse to the rest of the world, for truth and knowledge.

If we look to the 12 tribes of Israel, Jah chose the tribe of Levi to be "priest unto him". Now does this mean that a Levite is better than a person from the tribe of Dan, Rueben, Issachar, joseph, or Benjamin? Ofcourse not. Chosen simply mean that Jah chose Levi to serve as a priest in behalf of his people Israel.

Now bredren and sistren just use ya mind for a minute. If Jah felt as if Levi was better off, simply due to his being chosen as a tribal preisthood out of all the other 12 tribes, then why would Jah come to earth as a human through the line of JUDAH twice as Yeshua, and then Haile Selassie I ???????

Obviously you have been lied to. That same wicked spirit that have been around for centuries, have decieved you.

What happened was that the Yapheth the so-called Jew, began to take Jah's scripture, and teach this chosen people concept without any knowledge of what he speaks. Once enslaving the true people of Jah, he then angers ignorant blacks who he has enslaved with this teaching, that he is the real jew, and you are inferior. A lie straight from satan himself.

But as prophocied, InI would be striped of our identity as according to Deut the 28th chapter. So instead of comming back to Jah, and learning who you trully are, certain ones, attack Jah's word and his people, thinking that freeing their minds, mean leaving their identity behind.

I will reason on this more, but the library is closing. I'll see yaw when I get home.


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welcome *NM*
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They bring you close till your cultures cold
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I like dat... I like dat
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black jesus retainer
so anyway seshata...
Big ego
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well seshata, viruses and trolls run their course *NM*
All is as JAH wills it *NM* try this link *NM* *LINK*
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You are correct sistren
Re: You are correct sistren
I will check that book out *NM*
Re: You are correct sistren
Wonderful contribution!!!
Re: Wonderful contribution!!!
That's what I'm talkin bout
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Do Africa have space programs?
sorry Venezuela President: Hugo
I hate babylon's abuse of animals

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