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Re: Who and what is Babylon?
In Response To: Re: Who and what is Babylon? ()

General, I must first say that I used to be in the same mindframe that you are in as far as Ethiopia is Zion, The West is Babylon, and InI are Israelites, etc, etc.

*** I know, your screen name bears testiment to that. What happended? As Genral Paul stated, "My bredren, who have bewitched you"?

Those are the typical things taught in the Rastafari movement.

***You are absolutely correct

I am not asking for a typical Rastafari perspective.

***That's fine, but you never really made that clear in your opening statements.

Rastafari people are not the only people who use the term Babylon to signify corruption.

***Bredren, did I not say, "That it depends on whoose mouth the term Babylon is comming from" in I opening post?

Everyone who post here are not Rastafari people either.

***Give the I some credit. I knew that much based on I last battle undertaken with an Egyptian.

If you say that all people in Babylon (every place in the world other than Zion/Ethiopia) are Babylonians, then that would include nearly everyone on this forum including yourself...unless you are posting from Ethiopia.

*** Yes sir, I indeed post from Babylon....Babylondon to be exact. However you are in eror. Just because InI post from here odes not make us Babylonians. InI are not native to this place. Therefore like Daniel, I man am a Rasta living in Babylon gathering Gideon souljahs to finaly take this last stronghold down in the west. Therefore InI are not Babylonians simply just because you may live there. Just like African Americans are Africans living in America.

Just because you put rocks in an oven does not make them bisquits.

Also, you have to come again if you call what you and disciple had a battle.

I call it an embarassment to this international black forum and all the people who read and post here.

***My bredren some things are not yet seen by you. There are some things you do not overstand. What you called an embarrasment was a spiritual war that has lasted for centuries. There are forces that you may not know that are controlling things as you speak.

General Paul stated, "that InI do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities".

Notice how after the battle, nobody was cut or bleeding? Spirits fight without bloodshed, because this fight never dealt with flesh. No blow was struck to either person's temple.

I know it is hard for you to see why Gabriel do what he do. But JAH created certain angels to defend and destroy evil spirits if he deems necessary.

What is an embarrasment to you, may infact be a glory to JAH.

Only Rastafari sits in the judgement seat.

Rastafari bless the I them

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welcome *NM*
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They bring you close till your cultures cold
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black jesus retainer
so anyway seshata...
Big ego
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well seshata, viruses and trolls run their course *NM*
All is as JAH wills it *NM* try this link *NM* *LINK*
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
You are correct sistren
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I will check that book out *NM*
Re: You are correct sistren
Wonderful contribution!!!
Re: Wonderful contribution!!!
That's what I'm talkin bout
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Re: Who and what is Babylon?
Do Africa have space programs?
sorry Venezuela President: Hugo
I hate babylon's abuse of animals

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