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Still Out to Hijack Africa *LINK*

"Reflections on the Report

It is clear to see that Tony Blair has a hidden agenda to the African continent and this agenda is to hijack Africa from its own people. He lost the land battle in Zimbabwe, now he is targeting the rest of the continent with his Commission for Africa report.

Britain's strongest ally is the USA, while the USA is the biggest exploiter of Africa. One can therefore not understand how Britain can save Africa but we can see how Britain wants to see Africa being further exploited.

There is nothing new from this report, when we look at previous commissions for Africa like the Brant Commission in 1977 and the Pearson Commission Report in 1969. These reports were all talking of the indebtedness of developing countries which this one is still talking about. We have not seen any progress in African countries regarding the considerations of indebted countries in Africa. However, what we are seeing is that more and more African countries have became more dependent on European aid, and he wants Africa to keep depending on their loans and assistance.

The loans and aid industrial complex has evolved into a self-serving colossus deflecting Africa's aspirations to be free and to embark on a real development trajectory. At the same time aid can also free bad African governments to divert money that they should otherwise have been spending on education, water, electricity and other social amenities.

By the way, it is the west that created the debts in Africa, now they are saying that they are withdrawing the debts of African countries. During colonialism, colonial powers took everything out of Africa so that we did not become economically progressive. Knowing that we are rich in raw materials they established machines in Europe so that they processed the raw materials in their countries, at the same time they also took our people so that they were the ones to process the raw materials.

The economic playing field is not even in the world. The rich countries have benefited from over 100 years of unilaterally dictating to Africa the price at which African products will be bought, while at the same time dictating the price at which their products will be sold to Africa.

The west is ignoring the damages they have made to the African continent, e.g., not a single G8 nation has signed the UN anti-corruption convention which commits the west to repatriate stolen funds back to Africa which the report has admitted to.

Africa loses on average 70 000 skilled personnel every year to developed countries. This is so because during the colonialisa-tion of Africa they introduced a western style education, which they imposed on Africans as the best type of education. Through this process our African citizens, especially the young people, are miss-directed and end up being slaves and we do not need any influence from the western civilizations because they are misdirecting us.

It is only Africans that can save Africa and what needs to be done is:

1. We should establish an education curriculum that is in the context of Africa that promotes our African cultures and maintains our African identity.

2. Strong measures should be introduced to fight corruption in Africa and these measures should be set up by us.

3. Africans should strengthen inter-trade on the continent by first identifying the economical challenges on the continent.

4. We should train our young people to process our raw materials into finished products on our own continent.

5. The west should not dictate the prices of our own goods, but we should set up our own prices for our goods, therefore we should meet the economic needs of our own people.

6. We need big media institutions that are not influenced by the west, because we can not be misdirected all the time by CNN and the rest.

7. Let us all strive for the unity of Africa which can be done through Pan-Africanism. The unity of the African race is the most important factor for the progress of Africa. Our brothers and sisters in the diasporas should join hands with all of us to develop our continent.

To all heads of state, please consider the lives of the African citizen and the future of the continent."

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