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Re: Hypocrite or worse?
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Masimba Musodza said : "I am committed to doing my bit in securing freedom and progress for Zimbabwe. Whether it is Blair or Mugabe or Tsvangirai that I have to contend with, I believe in a free, democratic Zimbabwe. My concept of democracy extends to cultural democracy, economic democracy, social democracy. "

The commitment to dem-all-crazy (and in 3 different flavours) is commendable.

"I know enough about Northern Nigeria's Islamic history to know that this once a bastion of learning and progress in Africa, not the degeneration in to a place where they stone to death rape victims. "

Another example of buying goods without checking for authenticity. Please name just one from these list of 'rape victims' who were stoned to death.

"I know enough about Rwanda to know that the kind of ethnic hatred that led to the massacre of Tutsis did not exist before. We can go on about who fostered it, and who gained by it, but the fact remained that it was a Black man's hand on that machete when it chopped up another Black man."

If you knew anything you would know that the history of Rwanda is not complete without consideration of the history of Burundi. Both countries are made up of Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. Are you aware of was happening in Burundi in the months / years leading up to the tragedy of '94?

"And I still stick by my contention that we Africans could be doing more to deal with the Aids virus. And yes, I believe that it was deliberately injected in to our race to decimate our population. But would they have come up with that unless they had perceived that we have become decadent, given to adultery and fornication. Just now I was reading about a Zimbabwean soccer star who moved to S.Africa recently and has fathered children by 7 women. Does this sound like someone who is serious about Aids prevention, let alone maintaining our moral fabric?"

All you are sticking to is blaming the victims. Groundless fault-finding. Do you really believe that Africans are more promiscous than europeans? Why is it that AIDS only truly exploded in South Africa after the end of apartheid? How come it has mainly affected the African populations ? Would you say this was because they are more 'decadent, given to adultery and fornication' in comparison to the boers and english?

"The House of Musodza does not enjoy prominence. We did our bit in the liberation struggle, and even before when an independent Buja state repelled the Portugese. A sort of mini-Battle of Adowa in which a European power got whupped by an African nation. The year was 1855. My ancestor was there with his cousin the King, Gurupira. And I have family who died in the Liberation war, and some who survived to this day.

Never you mind about the House of Musodza. "

Your ancestors deserve honour and I apologise for any disrespect shown to them. You though are a different matter.

"Oga, your hostility towards me is founded more on enthusiasm."

I am not hostile towards you. I do not know you and even if I did, there is nothing you can do to affect the path of my life so, I would never waste energy nuturing the slightest bit of hostility towards you as a person. However, it is my duty to oppose the state of 'mind' you represent with ZEAL and FIRE.

"This is where you start bleating " Two legs bad, four legs good!!" "

No, how about "Any number of legs good, no legs bad"?

"PS- you have not been able to explain your assertion that I described Ayinde as Trinidadian the same way an Aryan would use the word "nigger". "

Why do you keep misconstruing? Is there no depth you will not sink to in this futile effort to prove how right you are? Note that when I challenge something you say, I put the relevant quote from your postings up. When did I bring Ayinde into this? Where have I mentioned any name apart from yours? Anyway, here is a word that will hopefully raise your consciousness : when you use a place and the people associated with that place to prove a negative point (examples in previous posting), then what you are doing is no different from what the racists do.

Or do you deny using the terms 'diasporan Blacks' 'West Indians', 'Jamaicans' and 'Trinidad' in a negative context while engaged in discussions that had nothing to do with those regions? I ask although I know by now
that you will never confront truth with truth, you will evade, generalise and quote 'Animal Farm'. Again.

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