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Hypocrite or worse?

Masimba Musodza

If it was'nt for your wilful ignorance, then you would know that we have now entered 'scramble for Africa 2'.

Like the first time, the process is on several levels. One of this is the demonisation of leaders and communities.

As to what I would tolerate in my own country, my orientation is from a place that you obviously cannot comprehend. I do not just see current events as coming about from thin air, I look at what has happened before and try to learn from past mistakes. I remember how my hometown Eko (Lagos) became a colony of britain. I remember how it started with rulers being demonised using the same terms as are now being used on Mugabe.

Back then, these were the ones who opposed the slave trade because they saw how it was sapping
thier nation's strength, the ones who were accused of being an enemies of liberty (meaning the slaver's liberty to deprive other's of that same thing). Can you see? Can you hear the sound from which today's echoes originate?

Because these demons lack imagination, they always come the same way and the reason they keep getting away with it is because of arrogant self-haters like yourself, dreamers who think they are beyond the rules that govern conflicts. (RULE NO 1 : A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND)

You are nothing new, in fact, you were the first type the slaver/colonist met when it came to our shores. You are the 'nigger' confederate. The non-aryan nazi. Another from the pit of ambitious men who can see no further that what they stand to gain if the 'tyrant' is overthrown.

Read the words in the paragraghs below carefully, they are yours and they show you up to be a hypocrite or something even worse.

On the thread called 'Y Rastas don't join with oromo against EPRDF' you said : "Correct me if I am wrong, but relations between Rastas at Shashamane and Omoros have not been cordial in the past. To most Rastafarians, the Omoros are the people who supported the Italians during the invasion. This sort of thing happened all over
Africa, Nation A would form an alliance with Colonial Power X in the hope of shaking off the yoke of Nation B.

But for us Rastafarians, aiding the Italians against the King of Kings, the only reason I will describe it as treasonous is because I cannot think of a stronger word. ( deicide, perhaps?) If I recall correctly as well, Omoros were not keen on Rastas coming to settle at Shashemane.

If the Zenawi government is nasty to Rastafarians, what guarantee is there that another one is going to be any better? This is not a rhetorical question, I really would love to know. You may be aware that there is a similar situation in my country, Zimbabwe, where a tyrant reigns. I have been called upon on several occasions to participate in opposition politics, but I have always refused because I do not believe that the life of us Rastafarians will be any better under another government. We will still be social outcasts, we will still get police beatings, detentions and so on. So, while I am opposed to the present regime, I am not a member of any of the opposition groups, and will not speak for them. I also urge other Rastafarians to refrain from making alliances with people that do not regard us as human beings. I am just bringing this to your attention because you obvioulsy are aware that we Rastafarians are lovers of justice, peace, security and the assurance of these. But we are not for sale. "

From the quote above, you have shown that you have some awareness of history and how past events can and should influence present day attitudes. So, from what perspective is your awareness formed? You have an African name, you may even post a picture of an African on your website and claim that face but, what you have shown of your heart is no different from what beats in the chest of a boer or 'white' rhodesian. You include phrases in an African language in some of your posts but it is not from knowing how the 'natives' speak that you will get your credentials. You, who use the words 'Trinidadian' and 'West Indian' the same way an aryan would use the word 'nigger' ARE either a full paid-up lackey of the enemy or you are so arrogant, so assured of your intellect's infallibility that you cannot see that you are actually nothing more than a tool. Sufayo(ignoRANT TOOL).

Every now and then, you say 'I am a Rastafarian'. Yes, and I am the king of norway. It is not the carrying of dreadlocks on an empty head that makes a Rastafarian.

You come on here and rant about Robert Mugabe, what else do you know? I have seen nothing from you that would progress knowledge among African minds and uplift thier spirits. You are a marvel of nature : one who is totally self-absorbed while lacking the tiniest drop of self-awareness.

So, houseboy, get back in your massa's house, the missis got some dirty underpant's that need your attention. And when you're done, root around the dustbin for another book, you have done Animal Farm to death.

P.S. I hope we are still on for brunch with Allan this saturday? I will bring the knife, you bring the melon.

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