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Re: Hypocrite or worse?
In Response To: Re: Hypocrite or worse? ()

Masimba Musodza, you said : " the problem in Zimbabwe is not as much about Mugabe as it is about human rights, transparent and publicly-accountable government and the assurance of these. It is about an end to economic opportunity based on political patronage, an end to harrassment and brutality against the weak by the security agents, an end to a systematic scorched earth policy against perceived enemies. This is where I am coming from. "

I agree with everything you say above. But, do you think that the people who are waiting on the wings to take over your country will also wait while you establish a democratic paradise on earth for all Zimbabweans before they make thier move?

Everything happens within a chronology, you do not put on your shoes and then put on your trousers. My dispute with you is not only based on what you say but the timing behind what you say and where you say it. You come here on the world-wide web and add your voice to the ill voices coming out of the waste. IF YOU ARE SO FULL OF FIRE THEN GO BACK TO ZIMBABWE.

You also said : "I have heard about Jamaican political violence. Perhaps this is why the Jamaicans on this board seem to think that Mugabe is alright, despite being associated with such. Well, it may be part of the Jamaican culture, but we Zimbabweans prefer law and order. "

And : "Still think Mugabe is a wise elder and we should all be held in awe of him? Would this sort of thing work in Trinidad? "

I also remember reading something else you wrote about if it was customary for West Indians (unlike your shining Zimbabweans) to come into the west and beg money on the streets.

Then there was this : " Imagine the nightmare of a continent-wide regime of the likes of Robert Mugabe, or those Shariah loonies in Northern Nigeria, or the machete wielding race purists of Rwanda! "

Yes, it is good to know the truth about ourselves but, tell the whole truth. Don't take issues or incidents out of context; consider the history behind what you are using to 'prove' your point. Shariah loonies in Northern Nigeria? What do you know of the history or culture of Northern Nigeria? Machete-wielding racial purists in Rwanda? What about the things that happenned before? Who was there before the 'massacres' and who is profiting from the aftermath?

You have never had anything positive or educational to say about another African nation. The closest you have come is what you ponced off the holey bible regarding ophir. What does ophir mean in Shona or any other AFRICAN language? So-called African patriots like you who crawl around semitic flea markets seeking validation are beyond contempt. You are something like a rape victim begging a cigarette off the rapist after the deed.

With regards what you said previously about the spread of AIDS, firstly, it has probably never occured to you that Africa needs to deal with the matter of it's origin, that way, we can talk about it's purpose and we can know what to say to the governments and companies presently doing thier hardest to prevent us from getting access to cheap generic drugs.

Secondly, I want you to take another look at this and tell me what kind of a 'patriot' would think it just to blame victims for thier own condition : "...it has been our own people who have spread it and created conditions where the mitigation of its effects on society and economy are impossible."

Have I quoted you 'out of context'? No. That is what you mean to say. Everything else was just dressing.

Have you ever heard of a thing called TRIPS? Put the word in a search engine if you are ignorant about THAT tool and let's see if the penny starts to drop. I doubt it will though because the expressions you use (i.e. 'peasant' as an insult, house-of-musodza etc.) expose you as a member of the elites you pretend to despise. How did the 'house of musodza' achieve it's prominence in Rhodesia? What role did the 'house of musodza' play in the liberation struggle? Sorry if the questions are inappropriate, perhaps what you refer to by 'house-of-musodza' is just your compound. How many storeys in the 'house-of-musodza'? Is it built of mud or crystal? And, what is it with you and Animal Farm? Don't you know that your repeated use of that fairy tale makes you look like you cannot muster up an original concept by yourself?

Time to move on, perhaps you should go back to the klingon bible. There should be enough scope in there for references to 'houses', the NWO and the NWA.


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