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Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi
In Response To: Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi ()

"It is relevant, if one considers that if we are to respect, or hold in high regards the opinion of an individual based on something that they referenced that we may be in agreement with; it may also be necessary to respect an individual 'right' to have an opinion with which we may not agree."

And where have I not respected someone's opposing opinion on the board? This is a reasonning board no?

So you had no other intent than to give a rather condecending and insulting elementary lesson to me about something I already know and practice? Nobody is holding anyone in 'high regards', I just agreed with what the article stated(accept for that last bit on X-ianity) and found it usefull to post to this subject matter... and you have expressed that he had 'good points' about Zionism... So unless you were just trying to be a distraction, or are insinuating I am some sort of idiot(via the portion of your post above) or have prevented someone from excercising their 'right' of expressing their opposing opinion on here... I still do not overstand your point.

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Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi
Ok, after re-reading, I still do not see...
Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi
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I knew who the author is...
Your point...
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