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Re: Obama is doing NOTHING different...still murde

The reason why we will NEVER see eye-to-eye on these politricks is because you believe in the legitimacy of the whole deal whereas I sight that it is but placation for the masses to keep ones on board and complicit to a larger agenda.

I think it is relatively easy to identify what you suggest what I believe in based on what I have presented on this forum. If you have the time, please point me to where I stated that anything related to the Presidency and or America is "legitimate" I have been harassed by the police - had my K9 Unites in my car, while myself and children have stood on the highway and watched the police search for things that were not in my car - and after was all said and done I was given a bogus ticket for allegedly speeding - cause they had nothing to charge me with. The fact that I "paid" the ticket - just b/c I paid the ticket does not mean that I find legitimacy in the whole process. If I wanted to "fight" the illegal detention (ie being made to wait on the highway for an hour plus), I would have had to pay for an attorney (which many would consider further enriching the system) and possibly run the risk of losing my drivers license. Thus, by default we are providing 'legitimacy' to the system, by simply abiding by 'laws' that are obviously unjust. Thus, the fact that the majority of us have not organized and provided tangible solutions to combat the legitimacy of the system, we can all be defined as being complicit to this systems larger agenda. The very fact that ones 'reason' in anonymity, speaks volumes to the very premise that most are unwilling to 'act' or share in the light for fear of reprisal by said system.
Plus, I am a liberationalist, someone who seeks an end to white/male/semitic supremacy, instead of manuevering to allow a few blacks to "rise up" in a corrupt based system and call it positive progress when the world suffers because of said system.
I would assume that a "liberationalist" is an individual that is engaged in actions that liberate. If your goal is to truly "end to white/male/semitic supremacy" I would further assume that you are in direct negotiation and or in a struggle with this system encompassing white males and semites. One whose goal is to end anothers "supremacy" must have an action plan. Please provide some insight on this plan.
Don't you care about those suffering because of what America and any other euro/semi empire has done? Do you love apple pie that much...bought into the King/Kennedy/Roosevelt American dream?
If my level of caring about suffering is solely defined by casting a vote for Obama, the same question could be posed by an individual who suggest that people should never pay taxes, and those individuals who pay state/federal taxes are complicit in the system that makes bombs and weapons of destruction - because as we all know that is where a large portion of tax dollars are allocated.
In other words, I am not a Booker T Washington accomodationalist. I do not want my bricks in the wall. I want the wall completely obliterated.
Although I must respect you position on things, I still find it reprehensible for someone who considers themself a "real" Rasta or Afrikan.
Well completely obliterating the wall is very easy to "say," from the comfort of your home and or office computer. Most people who truly engage in obliterating walls do not find time to spend on the Internet as many of us here do. That is the reality. Are those Africans in Nairobi that supported Obama "real" Africans. Are those Azanians that supported Zuma "real" Africans?

I have no disdain for you - as in my reality you are just a name on a screen sharing thoughts.

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