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Re: Oh I see, it's "the jew" again
In Response To: Oh I see, it's "the jew" again ()

YOU said jew, not me. Its not about a group of people. It is about a mindset that has been drilled into psyches via just about EVERY aspect/area of human activity.


WASPs are but the first victims of their own egos pimped by the instillment of hierarchy-chase originating from the chosenist/divine-favored dogmas. Anglo-Saxons is but one of the many PAGAN tribes of Europe. Why would they stand out. What about Germanics? This egotism was FIRST implemented by semitic religious indoctrination, beginning with the conversion/colonization/homogenization of Europe.

Call Europe a semitic colony...the FIRST semitic colony. You would be surprised to see who was always between EVERY European conflict throughout history. NO COINCIDENCE.

It is proven that the indigenous tribal Europeans had a similar universe-view to the indigenous of the entire planet. It has always been the semi-truthists with their feminine elimination and ethnocentrism who have been the odd ones out. Nations and tribes and clans have had treaties and communion with others except these folk.

There is one group who would be endangered if Afrikans and Europeans did not have beef. There is one group that INITIATED Afrikan vs. European conflict in the first place. Let us remember that places like Timbuktu and Kemet were open areas of mercantile and information exchange. There was no apartheid or white-only water fountains or racism.

Don't let me get started on who created racism and why...that is another long-winded rant.

WASPS or no WASPS I see a lot of semi's in positions of power and control.

Either they are not really in power or they are behind what is going on.

BTW, I am allowed under the rules of this forum to NOT have to condemn or criticize WASPs in my posts. I do not see Europeans as the source of the folly. I see them as tools/weapons of the true folly.

Zionistic endeavors can arguably be seen as the world's first divisive "ism". This is an analysis behind the scenes, gman. If it makes you uncomfortable, remember, you are not required to read my posts.

Let us recall that the Europeans are but the best students in the world. They learned from the best AND WORST teachers.

Semitic monotheism is the father of the inflated ego and the father of oppression and invasions under the banner of divine righteousness/justification.

Like I asked a while back, "who are the REAL ballers/shotcallers"?

Lets play poker...
Your cards are the WASPS
Mine are the Semi's

I GUARANTEE YOU that I will beat your hand...AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY.

The Europeans work for the Semi's.

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Oh I see, it's "the jew" again
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