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Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi
In Response To: Re: TOTALLY irrelevant rasi ()

******Does the fact that he did (does) both of those things make his points on Zionism less valid? If so why, if not why not? ******

Yes. Who cares about HIS points on zionism. Just look into zionism and try to separate your judeo-xtian instillations/bias if possible.

Like I have said, I see more similarities with European pre-xtian tribes than with Hebrews/Semites/Israelites at ANY time.

I see Euros who held the ground and sun and stars in cohesive respect and veneration, like our Ancestors.

I see Semi's who absolutely omitted the feminine essence within reality. Although they may claim Afrika, they stand in complete opposition to indigenous/pagan world and universe views.

So just trace ancient history of semi's and european tribes...see for yourself who more reminds you of afrikans.

Perhaps my response may not be relevant to yours but the point is that xtianity is established to be a blind/sleeper protection to semitic doctrine/agenda.

America is but the establishment of an egotistical/capitalistic view held by separatist thought. Separatist thought started with "nose in the air" semis and not european tribes. At least the aryans allegedly intermixed with Indians. From what I understand that is why they have their current features. But semis have ALWAYS been ethnocentric and xenophobic. I bet you cannot give me earlier examples of those.

But this is but my research-in-progress. So I welcome any rebuttal.

But it has nothing to do with Clinton, Dole, Bush or Obama.

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