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Re: Oh I see, it's "the jew" again

********By the way everything wasn't completely hunky dory in ancient Cymru/Britain, in many ways the old "pagan" culture seemed to be more humane and "natural", but let's not forget that they also used to stuff people into giant wooden effigies and burn them alive. This was supposedly to appease the gods and ensure good crops, etc, but somehow I think that might have been scant comfort to the people getting burned alive (I doubt they were all volunteers). **************

truth. I do not look at pagan lifestyles with rose-colored glasses. But I will say that the post-pagan endeavors have absolutely OBLITERATED/DESTROYED/ALTERED the way that entires groups of people have lived. At least the pagans didn't do their dirt while maintaining an attitude of being created with favor, whereas immoral acts AGAINST ENTIRE PEOPLES/RACES are justified.

No European pagans inflicted genocide, neither physical or mental, the way post-pagan europeans have.

All you have to do is give me the comparison between pagan european destruction versus post-pagan converted european destruction. There is no contest.

I am all ears and can change my sights with no problem...with the appropriate proof of course.

So edify me if needed.


and to add, let me make it clear that I am not referring to a group of people but rather the wielders of a religious philosophy. My investigations show me that I cannot sight a fundamental basis of white male supremacy that does not originate from semitic supremacy.

So if somehow white/male supremacy came about before semitic/divine-favoritism supremacy, I would be delighted to digest such claims. But I sight a earth-based, nature-based feminine encompassing people when I look at pre-converted european tribes.

I sight the engrainment of stories such as God destroying THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE PLANET BY FLOODING for punishment as psychological brainwashing terror.

I cannot recall a pagan story that speaks of such destruction. At least Sekhmet was finally subdued by mercy. But to have cities destroyed...entire planets flooded...peoples/races/tribes cursed thru eternity and on and on, paints a very fearful and repulsive portrait of a Creator that we should absolutely have nothing but love for.

Its just plain old ridiculous and is the basis for the folly that the world faces today.

I WISH I could be just half the pagan as my ancient Ancestors.

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Oh I see, it's "the jew" again
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