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Obama is doing NOTHING different...still murdering

...women and children by the behest of Wasps and Semi's.

Tell me the difference between an Obama signed order killing women and children and a Bush signed order killing women and children.

Both work for the Zionists.

If Bush was so damn 'criminal' where was the majority democratic move to censure or impeach him.

The forces behind the "Patriot Act" are what is criminal. And the Patriot Act is justified because of the 'Act of Terror' September 11.

ALL orchestrated. Unless you think white/male supremacy and zionism are just haphazard unorganized implementations that have just been lucky for many centuries some how.

The reason why we will NEVER see eye-to-eye on these politricks is because you believe in the legitimacy of the whole deal whereas I sight that it is but placation for the masses to keep ones on board and complicit to a larger agenda.

Plus, I am a liberationalist, someone who seeks an end to white/male/semitic supremacy, instead of manuevering to allow a few blacks to "rise up" in a corrupt based system and call it positive progress when the world suffers because of said system.

Don't you care about those suffering because of what America and any other euro/semi empire has done? Do you love apple pie that much...bought into the King/Kennedy/Roosevelt American dream?

In other words, I am not a Booker T Washington accomodationalist. I do not want my bricks in the wall. I want the wall completely obliterated.

Although I must respect you position on things, I still find it reprehensible for someone who considers themself a "real" Rasta or Afrikan.

I am allowed this right, just as you are with your disdain for me.

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Obama is doing NOTHING different...still murdering
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Re: Obama is doing NOTHING different...still murde
I knew who the author is...
Your point...
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