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division is the ultimate semitic protectionism

let us be clear here.

I guarantee that any criticism against europeans is done so with bias/background in semitic belief/thought.

How much analysis/research has been done on pre-semitic (pre-xtian) european tribes. The semites do not want you to see commonalities between pagan afrikans and pagan europeans...that is why the races are alleged from the semitic noah story.

The greatest trick of the semites is to create and promote division between europe and afrika. let us be clear that there was no "us versus them" between afrikans and europeans until the semitic doctrine of enlightenment/discovery.

Semites created racism which is but an offshoot of already preconceived just positions other races in a lower class status. They created race division to keep the heat/attention off of them and their separatist ways. Many times throughout history, cultures have become wise to their shenanigans which had tragically spelled doom for the followers. The Kemetians kicked them out but their writ-propaganda concocts a divine-exodus from bondage BS tale. What is also peculiar is how the "Holocaust" numbers have been revised DOWNWARD ever year.

Worse than someone coming across as anti-semitic is someone speaking on similarities between europeans and afrikans, especially from the timeframe of PRE-xtianity. When the similarities are highlighted, this outs the semites as the oddballs and outcasts in the mix. Again, proof exists of trade and even intermixing of europeans and afrikans. Yet the semites have ALWAYS maintained a "better than" divinely sanctioned arrogance which has manifested actions against others in the name of their supreme singular male deity.

Even the 'invasion' of europe by afrikans was done by semites (moors).

I apologize ras heru but it is time to come clean about the moslems, al-islam, moors and any other semitic separatist philosophy and its folly and roles in the oppression of the nature-based/paganic peoples of the world and the suppression of the feminine essence (from the masses at minimum).

Hopefully this can be done in a respectful open and honest reasoning without any "did I try to convert you" cards being dealt.

Ones can say "white devil" and "beast" when referring to europeans but when ones say negative things about semites, specifically the the "j" group, people have lost offices, freedoms and endeavors. Jesse Jackson said plenty negative about white folk but when he said "hymie town" he was publicly assassinated...and has never recovered. Anything that Farrakhan said about jews now applies to moslems more than anyone else. I ain't seen no jew bloodsuckers in my neighborhood lately. They have been replaced.

Fast forward to Baaa-rock who cowtowed and kissed their behinds so hard that the "kingmakers" made him president.

The time has come for us to realize that the world's conflicts mostly have semitic implications and are engineered and financed by semis in order to continually deflect attention.

The worse thing for a semite is for someone to stop and think and go "hey wait a minute". We are kept in a constant state of stimuli bombardment to prevent our awakening/awareness to such agendas and implementations.

The enemy of indigenous/afrikan peoples of the world is semitic thought and implementations, not any european or white philosophy.

Whiteness is a semitic construct. This "fear of annihilation" attributed to europeans is horsecrap. They had "their" lands. But who is it that did NOT have their own land except that which was promised?

SEMIS possess fear of annihilation and hold an "us against the world" view...NOT the european until he was indoctrinated.

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