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S youre the prosecution???
In Response To: Are you his defense attorney? ()

must agree with you there.However,I have not seen Discipleofmaat as really doing that.No-one can destroy faith.You cant lose it you either give it away or you dont.Theres nothing to get emotional about as far as I can see.Nothing to defend if you know you're safe in youre knowledge.

****Perhaps he should hire a defense attorney that can read. Are you telling me that you never saw one post from him, where the livity of Rastafari came under attack? Please! I stand by my opening post. Maybe it hit too close to home?***
Why?Are you looking for someone to defend you in 'the war'!Sounds sort of,young.

I find it funny that you are more worried about the defense more so than the offense. But at any rate, Rastafari was known as the defender of the faith. Now how does one defend the faith by keeping silent? I'm just curious.***

O.k,so youre offended?or someones offended and needing defence?Bro,yeah,he's had a couple of shots at Rastafari livity,the bible ect...The question is...why do you care?The only thing I can see is that YOU are offended and getting DEFENSive,which is your perogative,yet talking about being in love and having love and saying you are burning fire and all about your RASsponse.
If thats the type of thing you need to 'defend',why waste your time.Save your strength perhaps?Basically,I'm saying,why let insignificant things bother you?Theres greater things to defend,and most of it is done by not getting bothered by people and maintaining a balance in yourself and knowing what is WORTHY of attention- that to I,shows STRENGTH of FAITH.
Each to their own though,you are not being attacked or defended by me.

You dont seem to have been coming here that long,so maybe you could give it some time before you start labelling.You might find there are other things you do see I to I with in regard to others.

**** maybe I should stick around a while before labeling people, such as diciple do? So time makes one able to label? Interesting.....****
More rhetorical Questions?
I'll give you an answer,and maybe you wont take it as a tit for tat thing.
NO...time gives you a length of space wherein a more wholistic veiw of situations is possible.Having the ability to- give people labels- is no great acheivement.Having the experience neccessary which helps one gain more information- gives an more INFORMED or wholistic opinion.

And I do see I to I with others. Just not mentaly superior knowledge of self-ers, who can offer no enlightment, nor solution to InI crisis in Babylon, but to "TEAR DOWN" (yes I said it) other people's religions or livity.

You havent brought any context as to whom youre speaking about.So whats the point of the post?If you were including me in your selfers thing then I or others,as individuals can address you and gain or give some knowledge on the 'topic' from our perspectives.

Who is 'you guys',are you a bit frustrated with somone who's not on this board and bringing it here?

*** Actualy he was here in this thread. Sorry if this site does not have a online feature and offline feature like myspace.***

I dont understand what you are saying.

Some people buy into the distortions of the bible created by white people and call themselves Rastafarian.If you read from a book that has been used by white people to subdue non-white people,it seems only normal that someone may seek to see if you have a (perceived) distorted veiw,whether you are affiliated with Nyahbingi,bobo or twelve tribes.You may need to get used to that and not let it bother you so much.Up to you.

Hmmmmm I wonder did the Kebre Negast, the holy Piby, the book of enoch, was used to enlsave InI by whites? Those books Rastafarians use as well. Funny how knowldge of selfers are quite with that. The way I see it, maybe "Knowledge of selfers" should get use to being asked questions as to "what they offer other than bashing other peole's livity". I think they should not let such questions bother them as well.

Yes.Ive read all those books,but many Rastafari read any bible because Haile Selassie said that pretty much any bible is allright to read.

Worst thing is its hard to know if individuals even know that they themselves are 'on' this opiate so no-one is above question if they are being truly humble..

So is there a scholastic drug test avaliable? You claim that I put Iself above question, yet I have answered every question possed to I. Can't say as much for the opposition.****

No.You seem to be having a sook over the fact that youve been questioned and challenged by one individual.By the way...please listen...I didnt claim that you put yourself above the questions.O.k.

Well,which one are you...the ORIGINATOR or the one reacting to the ORIGINATOR but yet displaying the same characteristics?ITS NOT THAT COSMIC BRO,youre either thre one whos saying 'he did it first', so back at him(called hypocracy in action)or youre not doing the same thing,who cares who started first,the question was about you.

**** Wrong....actualy the thread is titled "KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-ERS". Therefore the topic is about him/knowledge of sefers. Now all of a sudden it is about I?

Him/knowledge of selfers?What are you trying to say.
And yes,you posted the topic,so youre accountable for explaining whatever your own intentions and style is,like anyone.Truth is,your style in this topic YOU POSTED isnt STRAIGHT up at all.And I can tell you that anyone here could tell you that.

First things first though.How can one create a topic,and then DICTATE to others that they must now answer the question directly without you clarifying where you are coming from in your reasoning...hence,my questions?

*** Maybe I will say it slow this time.

WHAT......DO.....KNOWLEDGE....OF .....SEFLFERS.....HAVE.....TO.....OFFER....OTHER.....THAN.....BASHING....OTHER....PEOPLE'S......RELIGIONS.....LIVITY......?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I dont know.You created the definition and explanation of 'sel-fers' your self.Going by your explanation of 'sel-fers' it sounds like youve pretty much answered the question your self.So why the rhetorical question.?Heres a 'straight' question,please answer it- is your question about selfers,a rhetorical question?

This sort of 'TACTIC',if you will,is often a form of leading or dominating reasonings.The- 'dont put a question to a question' routine, is a classic sign of someone who is only asking rhetorical questions to try and play DOMINATOR and DIRECTOR of the conversation so they dont have to REASON.

***Exactly, which is sort of what you are doing. You need to know where I am comming from to answer my question? What is that about? If it makes ya feel any better, I am comming from Africa with the livity of Rastafari, and would like to know why bashing Rastafari seems to be part of the knowledge of self livity? Did we clear things up that time?

No.Because you make a statement and a question in the same expression,so that needs to be clarified for I to give you the best possible answer for 'selfers are bla bla bla[STATEMENT],so why is this true people[question].Why would you need others to answer questions like that.

Why do you care if you beleive he is having stabs at you?

**** At me? I do not even know your friend,***

He's not my 'friend',I dont deal with friends or enemies.You are neither friend nor foe.This is reasoning.
However I would not expect you to overstand.***

You dont know me so what you 'expect' isnt based on anything.
I dont ask people questions to secretly make statements.

**** Nope, but you do ask question in hopes to avoid the real topic of what the knowledge of selfer movement is all about. We have now 40 post, and yet there is still no answer. But you seem all too ready to reason on my current disposition......CLASSIC.

Its does not appear to be a real question.I dont think anyone would answer it.What do you hope to gain by getting it answered?

Why do you care whether or not I see him in the same light as you

**** Okay??????.....and what thread did you get that from?

are you looking for someone to stand on YOUR SIDE of the fence,

****Nope...could care less. How about you and diciple?

that sounds like partiality,and this is not war?

*** Interesting analogy. Have you ever fought in a war before?

Its pretty obvious that you werent being asked 'so what do you define yourself as,Nyahbingi or Christian',you were being asked about where you were coming from in your behaviour or attittude.

***No, you stated that my statement of "Praying for them" sounded like white Chrisitnas, or something to that effect. I RASponded by telling you that I am a Rastafarian from birth, so I do not know too much of what white Christians sound like. I don't hang around them, nor was I raised in their churches. So in plain simple words, I would not know. So what is wrong with that? Would you rather I give an answer on a topic that I have no knowledge of? That would not be too knowledge of self like.

There are also black peoples who do the same as white christians,but what I was mostly refering to was 'white mindset'.That should make the question easier i hope.

I find it hard to beleive that you dont know what was being asked of you,but hey,who knows.Not cosmic again,bro,pretty simple- are you a bit out of balance?Has someone 'got under your skin'?Are you taking things a bit too emotionally?Are you upset...that sort of thing?

InI are not to swear, but I must have answered this like a thousand times. YES I was upset when I livity came under attack.***

Cool.But you dont have to be upset.Its just... Im making a suggestion- not a command or prime directive - its your own perogative.O.k.

I hope I have addressed everything as best as possible.Anyway,have a great day.More life...

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