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Re: Knowledge of self-ers
In Response To: Re: Knowledge of self-ers ()

Is it hypocracy to say that 'knowledge of self-ers' (who are trying to tell you that your livity is bunk,apparently)are therefore bunk and have no philosophy other than to put down yours(ie. BUNK)?
****Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Well,which one are you...the ORIGINATOR or the one reacting to the ORIGINATOR but yet displaying the same characteristics?ITS NOT THAT COSMIC BRO,youre either thre one whos saying 'he did it first', so back at him(called hypocracy in action)or youre not doing the same thing,who cares who started first,the question was about you.
C'mon I am not here to play games. I asked a direct question...."What can Knowledge of sel-ers offer a person other than humilating them, or trying to make them feel stupid for being a Rastafarian?***
By your definition of a Knowledge of sel-fers- NOTHING.But you allready gave your definition,so why the questions?.

If you can not answer that question, then your reasoning has nothing to do with this topic. (Not to be rude).......:)***
First things first though.How can one create a topic,and then DICTATE to others that they must now answer the question directly without you clarifying where you are coming from in your reasoning...hence,my questions?This sort of 'TACTIC',if you will,is often a form of leading or dominating reasonings.The- 'dont put a question to a question' routine, is a classic sign of someone who is only asking rhetorical questions to try and play DOMINATOR and DIRECTOR of the conversation so they dont have to REASON.

dont see much point in putting someone down for reading spiritual text/writ.Is putting someone down for putting you down that much better?
****Once again which is first the chicken or the egg? You did not say a peep when Diciple was ranting and raving like a lunatic, now when I gove a fiya RASponse, ya question the I? Can I possibly mistake the I for being a tad bit convient wit da timing of ya response?
Yeah,because Discipleofmaat doesnt really seem to go on about whether people are being 'acidy' in their responses but seems to deal with the facts.Why do you care if you beleive he is having stabs at you?Why do you care whether or not I see him in the same light as you,are you looking for someone to stand on YOUR SIDE of the fence,that sounds like partiality,and this is not war?I dont ask people questions to secretly make statements.
Because I veiw his responses differently to you perhaps.There are other ways to veiwing peoples responses,you know?And yes you could be possibly mistaken your perception of my apparrent timing.DID YOU ACTUALLY CONSIDER THAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY BE MISTAKEN or was that rhetorical question?

In the context of your post and your final words of how you 'will pray for' them,are you coming from a place of superiority?It sort of sounds very white christian,sort of like,'I will pray for their wretched souls',where are you coming from?
***Really, well being that I was never a Christian, I could not tell Ya. I man was Nyabinghi from birth, and I mother was an EMpress and I daddy a lion. So I can't help ya wit dat one sorry.
Its pretty obvious that you werent being asked 'so what do you define yourself as,Nyahbingi or Christian',you were being asked about where you were coming from in your behaviour or attittude.You were being asked of your approach,or is that how you avoid talking about your attittude,but giving your title- Nyahbingi - out?You could answer the question,I dont have really any penchant for rhetorical questions and hopefully you dont either.
Have you gotten off center with some of the questions of others or even perceived attacks?
****Don't know what Ya mean? Center? Is that buddhist?
I find it hard to beleive that you dont know what was being asked of you,but hey,who knows.Not cosmic again,bro,pretty simple- are you a bit out of balance?Has someone 'got under your skin'?Are you taking things a bit too emotionally?Are you upset...that sort of thing?
Keep Strong.More life...

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