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I agree however
In Response To: Re: Knowledge of self-ers ()

Greetings Selassielive

I man agree with Iverything the I has said. And no, I do not consider you as a knowledge of selfer. Why? becuase the key point of the "knowledge of self movement", is to humiliate, and to bash other African's way of life. Oh did I add calling InI livity stupid? So no, I have not heard you throw around such verbage.

However If InI are to question any and everything, then why can't I question the knowledge of selfer's movement's objective. Everytime I try to get close to find out what they are about, I keep hearing Christianity this, and Rastafari that. How enlightning.....

I can speak at lengh about Rastafari, without never mentioning any one's else faith or livity. Knowledge of selfers can not. I made that pretty clear in I opening post.

Like I said before, if you were to take Christianity from the lips of knowledge of selfers, they would have nothing to talk about.

Now that is simple reality. I man should have the right to ask questions as well.


A lesson of life for you is to never allow anyone to get you out your cipher.

*** And what would make the I suggest that such a thing has happened?

You have allowed ones to put you in a box by labeling you. Now you are doing the same thing.

*** What box.....Rastafari? If that is what you are indicating, it would show their ignorance, and not mine. As far as I doing the same thing....sorry....but I do not know what to call em. They profess exactly what? Maybe if I knew, I could apply a more proper term. They teach bashing of all livities. So what term is that? I thought I was showing respect by calling them Knowledge of selfers. Is that term now considered as insulting?

In your eyes, I am probably one of those knowledge of selfers you are referring to. In my opinion, if you dont know self, then you cannot possibly know the Most I (Truth).

**** Now the I is assuming. To put estimation to I was not talking about you, as I stated earlier. As far as self....Nyabinghi is West African, where InI were stripped from African shores. You do not get more self that that. I am west African, not Egyptian.

We are a people who were snatched from our land and taught the religion, culture, and language of those same people who snatched us from our land.

****Exactly, and InI have survived the trans atlantic slave trade, and many other African holocaust inflicted upon InI. The white man's magic is not that great. What he teaches InI is like baby food compared to the knowledge of the livity. To suggest that the ONLY FREE MINDS exist outside of Rastafari, I would find a bit pompas, and arrogant, as well inaccurate.

Babylon is a condition and not a place. Babylon is in Afrika. Babylon is in Europe. Babylon is in America. Babylon is everywhere.

*** So is heaven and hell.....okay....???? However Babylondon is not a condition, but an real actual place.

Likewise, so is Zion.

*** Actualy Rastafarians see Zion as Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a physical place. Being that I am a Rastafarian, I thought that the I might want to hear it first hand, and not from a white person trying to do an interview wit InI.

I dont know why you feel threatened that someone will stray you away from Rastafari.

*** Threatened?!?!?!? More like insulted. But I quess that's cool though huh?

I tell ya wat man, how about the knowledge of self-ers come up to New York and talk dey talk to Rastas up here. InI would be glad to reason wit dem.

Bless UP

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