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Here is some reality for Ya boi
In Response To: Re: Expose what exactly? ()

how can YOU love self unless YOU know self?

can YOU love what YOU don't know?

can YOU love another unless YOU love YOURSELF?

how will YOU love someone else unless YOU love YOURSELF? lol

Heard it all before bruddah. I know who I am clearly, and the only idiot on this forum that keeps bringing up ISRAEL is you. You speak more of Jerusalem and Israel, than any Rastafarian on this foum lol. If anyone is obssed with Israel, it is you. Got that?

Jesus Christ did not come to this earth realm to birth Christianity.

He came as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

Just like I don't know what the heck! you folk call yourselves, so I call you 'knowledge of self-ers'.

Therefore, we can all agree He was not a Christian.

My bruddah, once again Christianity/Rastafari is NOT on the hot chair today, your religion is.

The whole world knows that there are missing books in the bible, this is not a new knowledge, I want to ask you: the abridged version of the bible that we have today, have you read it? Have you even mastered it?

You can find this missing books if you want to, nobody is stopping you from getting your hands on them, I just donít know why you are throwing a fit about it.

Yep! More attack on the Christians/Rastafarians.

Let me ask you, since you are so passionate about mastering the mind, HAVE YOU MASTERED YOUR MIND?

The answer would be NO, when you fully master your mind, the first thing you will let go is throwing a fit and walking around angry, the first sign that you guys are around is the anger whih is Highly! Highly unattractive.

What else do you have apart from talking about Christians/Rastafarians?

1) THEY? Who are the Ďtheyí that committed this plagiarism?

The white man? The Black man? The Brown man?

Before you hurry up and say the white man, please know that the bible does not really talk about the white man and when it did talk about him, he was the bad guy, so I donít know how the white man can make you believe a book that makes him look bad.

And then you all come here and proclaim the Whiteman deceived you, I mean do you have no pride at all?

For someone to deceive you they have to be smarter than you. Itís ok if you were deceived at first, but now you have to stop being pissed and wise up.

The black man is not mentally inferior to the white man and so is not prone to be deceived by him.

I was not deceived by anyone. Thank you!

My faith works for me, you can huff and puff, Christianity/Rastafari has always faced opposition, check your history all those who opposed Christianity/Rastafari have come and gone, Christianity is STILL here.

2)You found some documents that have the same contents as the bible and so you back dated and decided that the older must be the authentic, the latter the forged one.

How about the idea that BOTH books are confirming the authenticities of the stories we have been hearing about?

How about that?

(3) Now I am gonna ask you, why were these books hidden?

(4) Did the white man invade Egypt? He seems to be the culprit. If the white man DID NOT evade Egypt how come all these books became hidden/lost?

(5) The Egyptians decided to hide their books and after the bible has spread through out the globe, the Egyptians just decided to bring out the books?


(6) Now HOW can the Egyptians sit down, keep quiet and ALLOW the bible to overthrow their documents, if their documents are the authentic ones??
(7) Let me tell you how Christianity spread:

It was preached, those that heard the good news, received it and decided on their own to live according to its doctrines.

If you want your religion to be accepted by folk, then preach it, STOP INSULTING AND BULLYING FOLK into listening to the stuff you guys have to say.

You are just angry and throwing tantrums and I personally do not want any part of it.

Iíve got peace, you have anger.

Iíve got joy in the midst of the troubles in the world, you have high blood pressure.

Why the heck should I want what youíve got??!!!!!!

No thank you!

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