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Re: Solutions
In Response To: Solutions ()

then you tell ME what the solution is.

you tell ME what law THE CONTROLLERS need to allow.

It is NOT pessimistic. It is not falling for feel-goodism. In fact, it is ultimate OPTIMISM.

Because I sight the solution. In my sights, you must ACKNOWLEDGE and AFFIRM TRUTH.

NOT hold hands and preach togetherness and eqaulity and deny blackness and sing Kuumbaya... the hippies did that already in the 60's.

ACT on acknowledging and affirming this eqaulity you seek.

In other words, align with the "LAW" of Ma'at which really is not a law. It is not a law but a reality...the truth.

A law is something to FOLLOW. Whereas a reality is something that you build upon. You build it and it builds you...A RECIPROCITY.

the SOLUTION is to first realize that Nature has flexibility within it called CHOICE. But this choice can result in dissonance/disease/destruction but those are still TRUTHFUL results.

Ma'at is not Santa Claus. Ma'at is the source, path and destination.

Why does it require a worldly law to make you happy. Flow with Ma'at. Flow with UNIVERSAL LAW. Flow with "laws" that establish life in the first place. And you will see that what establishes life is death. And what establishes death is life. It is the affirmation of opposites, as on the scales of balance.

What I am saying is that your intentions and desires and wants ARE LEGITIMATE but why look towards the devil or the massa or any of their edifices for redemption? Why look towards ANY man-made notion when man-made notions mostly were concocted in order to maintain and perpetuate the hierarchy established by those men?

Look WITHIN for this legality you seek, not towards the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court does not serve Ma'at. It serves the imperialist regime which put it in place.

The Supreme Court did not love black folk when it desegregated schools. It acted upon Ma'at in its own sinister way. It overstood that UNITY is the basis of the Universe. But desegregating schools did not liberate black people now did it?

The Supreme Court of any laws passed in this country made THE COUNTRY stronger, not the hearts and minds of blacks. Just like today, the present happenings are not making blacks better, it is making blacks complicit to make America stronger while preying on your instinctive seeking for peace. Although when there is no justice, there is no peace, just pacification.

That is why you have the King-Obama reminders. They want you to associate with the pacifist "I have a dream" King but not the rebellious "why I am against the war" King. AND they want you to be reminded how King's life ended a warning to STAY ON TRACK.

Placing a black figurehead will not liberate black people now will it?

ONLY the massive introspection of the ego will initiate liberation, not a law "allowing" it.

It is already ALLOWED.
You already have the CHOICE.
It is already law.

Pass you OWN g.d. law (acting/enacting) and forget what the controllers do or allow you to do (reacting).

The LAW is already in place. You have been derailed from it and your attention is to courts and administration buildings instead of in your heart and minds and your brethren's and sistren's hearts and minds.

What, you want Americans to smile and see each other as equals while the agenda is to "niggerize" arabs and asians? Why should I seek a law eliminating discrimination if class is still recognized and practiced? if the country that recognizes equality still machine guns women and children of other sovereign lands in violation of UNIVERSAL LAW.

Acknowledge and Affirm what empowered the controllers and the masses alike. And that is the individual power that unites to form a MORE greater Union.

E pluribus Unum...but not for taking over the world...for RE-HARMONIZING with it.

Ok, I am so damn pessimistic and you are so optimistic???

Then YOU tell me the solution...I'll listen.

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