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Re: Leagally Speaking.....
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*****An inclusive bill/law that would legally and unequivocally make ‘all men equal,’ without challenge, without any rebuke.*****

So what if there was such a law? how does that change mindsets and implementations? For instance, how long has there been laws by humans against murder? yet it continues. Laws other than universal/natural laws are empty politricks.

*******What if no more could one label another Black*******

Then I would have a problem with that. I do not identify "black" by the labeling of europeans and semites. My overstanding of black is fullness/completion.

BTW, that is what the controllers are trying to project...a notion of 'colorblindness' except for THEIR presentations such as the popular "GREEN" catchphrase lately.

white male supremacy of the new age is the CHANGE of face but the remainder of agenda.

You made a reference to Obama and change. Well tell me how this change in presidency has lessened how big of a hole a US bomb blows out of an Afghani or Iraqi child's skull compared to a bomb dropped during the Bush administration?

Why the infatuation with "legality" anyway?

BTW, there is merit alright...merit for the ego.

There is absolutely not one single wholistic/humanitarian change or improvement you can show me in place or planned by the change-king. There is only a re-shuffling and recharging of the american masses to be on board and MORE POWERFUL and MORE UNITED and MORE UNSTOPPABLE for the global domination.

Join or die. That's your legality.

Remember, the Patriot Act is law.

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