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In Response To: Re: Leagally Speaking..... ()

***Why the infatuation with "legality" anyway? How does that change mindsets? Laws other than universal/natural laws are empty politricks.***

I fear we do not understand each other. This is all established. I overstand and wholly agree. You are well educated on implementations and are quick to highlight mindsets and misgivings. What about solutions? What about means to combat mindsets/misgivings? I seek ways to progress, but the implementations and laws of the system are most difficult to break.

I KNOW ****the controllers are trying to project...a notion of 'colorblindness' except for THEIR presentations. *** I KNOW ***White male supremacy of the new age is the CHANGE of face but the remainder of agenda. **** I KNOW **Black is fullness/completion***** Agreed.

But fullness/completion can also be achieved/manifested by unifying/harmonizing every human being, including non-blacks. Rastafari is about Black education/empowerment and Love and Respect for mankind. One Black Love.

When I said of merit Ė I was not talking egotistic merit. But an opportunity for the people to analyze and realize that it is not all it seems and can open their eyes and minds to what is really going on and not get caught up like so many. This overstanding is the merit.

***There is absolutely not one single wholistic/humanitarian change or improvement you can show me in place or planned by the change-king. There is only a re-shuffling and recharging of the American masses to be on board and MORE POWERFUL and MORE UNITED and MORE UNSTOPPABLE for the global domination. ***

I donít care about the policies of the change-king; he will not free anything but the controllersí consciences. Iím not trying to show you anything, I KNOW what time it is. And what times are coming. I also know that all possibilities are to be explored. And if we do not act now there will be nothing to do but **Join or Die**

Without JUSTICE nothing of worth can be had in this system. This is absolutely right. That is why I truly think there is something to this idea. MLK was killed for it, they killed the ancestors for it, and virtually every unified sect has died because they were unified. How do we have JUSTICE???? HOW???

Solutions Disciple, Solutions Ė Iím infatuated with Law because Iíve seen where it has helped and hurt. People fight and cry and die for passing of laws that would make a truth cemented. It doesnít mean anything, the system is corrupt and laws emanating from a corrupt system are corrupt. Itís putting sugar on shit and calling it pudding as you sayĖ but I want to know that black people, and people as a whole can be more. I cannot be like you, you are a great thinker but I cannot be so pessimistic all the time. I am sick of hearing about what we are not. I have to be hopeful that something can work and uplift our people.

And I think this LAW is an idea how.

You keep telling me why NOT Ė but what if it could happen. It would be revolutionary. IT would force leaders into a position to give more than they can take away. I know many would die before anything like that gets passed but stillÖ.I must sound absurd to you, but I can learn from the idren, I just want alternatives.


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