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Re: Leagally Speaking.....
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**********What would happen if tomorrow, a bill is passed banning every and all forms of discrimination against creeds and color and status and orientation? What if a ‘Universal Inclusivity” bill is passed to the current populus inbred with hate and prejudice.***********

Technically, that bill was already passed. I believe "Equal Opportunity" is a legally enforcement the prohibits the discrimination based on color, race, creed (and more).

But how does inclusivity just magically eliminate hate and prejudice? Eliminating hate and prejudice will yield the elmination of hate and prejudice. Is the South less hateful and prejudiced or is it simply no longer a popular and public stance to hold? Plus the country needs to have a united illusion to be able to pursue its global push.

We need to look 'colorblind' with a beautiful black first family and folks of all colors crying on January 21.
We need to see black soldiers in the faces of Iraqi and Afghan children.
We need to have Mexican immigrants receiving health care and getting jobs in the "land of opportunity".
We need to have President Barack Obama shining for the planet to see on their dish networks.

If you recall, under Reagan, many of the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action initiatives were subsided to the pleasure of many whites who claimed "reverse" discrimination. It can be argued that AA and EO actually increased tensions and animosity.

You have to remember that EVERYONE is being used/manipulated in different ways. White masses were manipulated with xtianity and whiteness in order to keep them from challenging the elites above them. Just like now, Americans were manipulated into pacification and the condoning of the War on Arabs via the fear card called terrorism/emergency/911.

Inclusivity means full complicity.

As selassielive says, you will have sprinkled sugar on dookey and call it pudding.

In fact, discrimination elimination is a present jedi mindtrick (along with the catchphrases "multiculturalism" and "diversity"). Ending discrimination while still perpetuating white/male supremacy mindsets and actions still maintain status quo...its just that it is done by the hands of blacks...or women...or gays, etc. check Leslie's presentation on Obama and how she states that the US is now experiencing what the Carribean has been facing for the longest...basically a black face on an imperialistic/colonial agenda.

Like I said, the current US administration is doing NOTHING any differently than any other administration except sprinkling brown sugar (this time) on the dookey. ITS STILL DOOKEY. You can add BROWN can add YELLOW lemon can add GREEN lime. IT IS STILL DOOKEY.

Roosevelt set up the social programs of the Great Depression. Now Obama is implementing those same programs on an even GREATER depression. (this time, the depression will not be televised) Bottom line is that we end up with state/government (totalitarian) control...and done with smiles, lollipops and 'bail-out' banners instead of guns, KGB executions and the gulag.

Still the same end result done by the masters of trickery.

The "LAW" is by and for the controllers.

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