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Leagally Speaking.....

Greetings Idren

While reading some articles about Civil Rights and the slave Trade and Gay/Lesbian rights today, I had a thought. As we well know, the devils’ favorite weapon against us is their Legal System, or the illusion of Law.

Slavery, Homo/Sexo/Socio/phobia are acts they can all conduct because they can legalize it. Which is essentially what they have dome with Gay Marriages [Not bashing, just setting up the point] and the Current Administration. The same thing they did with Blacks and recently with Allowing Social Security for Immigrants. {Again not bashing, just setting up]

I noticed a pattern. Legalization as NECESSITY for Capitalist continuity.

Then the Thought – What if Government passes a sort of FULL inclusivity bill, a sort of nullification of all racial, socio-economic, status, orientation, religion. What if you never again have to check black on a job app or form? What if being gay becomes the same as being American? Or European?

What I’m really saying is, is what if it could be LEAGALLY possible to END ALL forms OF DISCRIMINATION. Like really docket it on the books. Not that it would mean anything {Roe V Wade …etc}

But with the administration and all the ‘inclusivity’
1. would government EVER pass such a law?
2. why?
what would they gain?
what would we loose?
What are the impications?


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well this is "legal" *LINK*

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