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This is what i was looking to hear
In Response To: Re: FOR OROMOALITY ()

Greetings Oromo Idren

Haile I Selassie I

I can prove from that final post here De I is a good Man by how De I reasoning, because De I know it have hard core Rasta people here that will never go against Haile I Selassie I for nothing De I can tell them, yet De I stand firm and brought across your point clearly in that last post to agree to see Africa inity regardless of what the Majesty did. I raspect that discipline of De I Oromorality.

I am sure De I saw my reasoning too eventhough I raged for the Emperor innocense, even when I was hard on the tribal matter, it is to ifend I King Ras Tafari who is mighty in Battle, and that is why the problem on the continent is so different to the problem here in the diaspora for African people.
I identified with Ras Tafari from the first day I saw a natty dread while I was in school, and I came a long way with a lot of false sayings in my ears about this great Emperor.

We all suffered a lot as Black African people, and need to mend those abuses now/ That is why I was so stedfast that I and I can drop some of the past diferences as tribal warfare there in Africa continent and come together as one people, for our division have done I and I Africans at home and abroad a real injustice all in the name of the babywrong shitstem.

I agree that the Oromos went through all that injustice also because i saw that in the so called history books, I just cannot go against Haile I Selassie I because He had to ifend Himself too since Africans were keeping up that tribalism, and it was after all that he gave Ethiopia the Constitution and paved the way for a better life for all the people. Not just the Amharas

He did a lot of good and many Black people still put down the King. He was the one who abolished slavery in Ethiopia.

Now the people of the Diaspora will really be of a great help once they are accepted as Africans too, and that is why I see that the Majesty put the Land grant in that area of Ethiopia that when I and I repatriate, then the Oromos will share some of I and I contribution to Ethiopia. Is really a lot of healing that need to be done here.

Majesty knew all that he was doing for all the people eventhough many was and still is against even to hear His name, Some werent even born before 1974 and is asaying just what they heard others saying and not being able to say what the fights were all about ire.

That is why the Ethiopian World Federation Inc is trying hard to get the support of the people to inite to build up the area, and just because of all the problems from the iver of the mengistu revolution in 1974, the land grant was really not legal to do the real development there. Thanks for the ones who went there in the begining to keep the land occupied till this iver.

I thank all the EWFInc pioneers(Brother Moody and others), The Rastafari community(mansions), and the Oromo people of Shashamane that could get along and to teach the people what is going on there, so that I and I of the Diaspora can really help out the situation.

That is why I am so stedfast in seeing I and I inity regardless of what took place in the past. From 1999 is when the real EWFInc Executive Council was installed in New York to do this duty, and is only because of the financial areas why I and I are just holding out to get the building process really going for the Model City to be built there. This process need all the support of the people right noww.

Just do not revenge Haile Sellssie I in words on this site, for He is I and I Imperial Emperor. I sure many will support all the new development since 1974, and 1999 is just 4 years now since the documents are been replaced. I reallly hate all the revenge vibes still though ire

Once I and I can see I to eye as a people who suffered for all these years and to put away our petty tribal differences, then that will be the redempted Africa I have a vision of.
I am here working like hell in the west to be able to contribute all I can when that day come. It is coming nearer each day, for The EWFinc in the rest of the wotld is ready to work with the Rastafari Mansions there regardless of the past situtation, to build up Shashamane somehow. And for sure the Oromos will really have to be a very big part of this mystic development

They have a saying, out of evil good can come. It can be for that very reason why the Emperor gave us the Black peoples of the Diaspora(Western world)the Land grant in that area, to be able to contribute something towards stopping the suffering of the Oromo people.

Check out my post and see I said I do not hate your people. I just hate the ones who are fighting down the Emperor Haile I Selassie I here on the site because He is more than they are talking about, and some of the truth is never been told. Sone of them weren't even born before 1974 and still saying he did them wrong??? How So??

Even the religous areas can be solved, for the EWFinc will never interfere with anyone Mansion or religion in Africa, that is personal vibes ire.

This will be the main great step for Africa if the Oromo, and all the other people of the land start to use forgiveness and look towards the rest of the Black People in the diaspora to come and help out the situation. All Africa need this healing now. Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad

Oromo Idren you are a Man of integrity, for all that I said you ifended yourself wisely and declared that the Emperor is good also. The black against black problem of the Continent is a sin for many years. A brother against a brother anywhere will always be a shame. NO so?

I will never as of this day rebuke an Oromo again for their experience for I feel the vibes ire. Just tell the other Oromos to do the same and use forgiveness as a way out of the revenge feelings.

Check this out. If De I was in my shoe as a Rastaman Oromo, would you fight against your own King Haile I Selassie I??
I am a Rastaman. How can I even start to do that?

Anyway love is the greatest power of the iniverse and through that love I and I can attract whatsoever I and I desire.

One thing I just cannot agree with though, is to see Ethiopia have every area trying to seceed to start they own Nation. That kind of division business is only hurting the Collective Security of the whole African nation. look at the Eritrean situation how bad it is after now they seceeded.

I really do not hate De I and I Oromo. I just love My dear Emperor that much the same way as De I love your people,I know the Majesty never did De I anything wrong personally and that is the mystic vibes I am facing here. Everyone experience is different ire.

Haile I Selassie I,Jah Ras tafari Niyabinghi I.

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