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The case is accepted Oromo

Haile I Selassie I

I really know how you feel about your tribe struggles my Idren. The problem here is that you are saying all those Emperors of Ethiopia treated your tribe so bad because you are not Ethiopians, and you are all looking now to seceed from Ethiopia like the treasonist Eritreans did earlier too.
I am saying clearly here. I no have no problem with that ire. I just cannot see how you expect to come to a site call Ras Tafari Speak to fight against I and I Emperor Haile I Seallsie I the first of Ethiopia to get justice for your tribe problems and expect any real Rastaman or Woman here to join you to condemn our dear Imperial Majesty Haile I Selassie I the Conquering Lion of Judah.
Anything the Emperor did in Africa when it came to ifending His Empire will always be justified By people as I, for I saw where He came unto His own and His own receive HIM not. I and I see, I and I saw,and I and I conquer, and the only name for them (David,Ras Alula,Yohannes, Menelik, Haile I Selassie I,Ras Makonnen, Marcus Garvey,Nane, Cudjoe,Toussaint, L'Overture, Henri Christophe, Marcus King, Malaku Bayen, Peter Tosh,Steven Biko,Joseph Harris,Benjamin and Judah, and many others) The only name for them is positive fighters.
I man a Rasta and I gonig to continually ifend with all my heart, mind, body, and soul, the Emperor of my Ancestors(David and Solomon lineage)Haile I, which is Israel foundation.

The Ible done said. The lion of Judah shall brake every chain(even the muslim surge in Ethiopia)and give I and I the victory again and again. I will not even talk about why your tribe is so directly angry because they could not conquer Haile I Selassie I just as the European colonialist did try to do the same thing.It had to take a judas as Colonel Mengistu to sell out the Empire.

All people are here in the bosom of the Most High from iration. So all people has an existence claim too, not the Oromos alone. We all come from iration ire. I am fed up of this continual trbal division ire

Why De I them do not stop the neo- colonial divide and conquer shitstem that De I dem forefathers used to sell out I and I to the (carrybeyond) western hemisphere for guns and trinkets, All this was a product of tribal wars and religion in the Con tinent. Majority of The same Muslims as De I dem in Ethiopia(Oromos and others)sold I and I people into slavery ire, so no come tell I and I about history. Do think I Man do not know about that other side of the coin.
Rastaman was always here from iration,We are earth strangest people, we no have no time phase towards I and I existence at all, so possibly we were here before even the Oromos came into existence if you keeping up the nonsense about who was first in Ethiopia.
I see this as a tribal matter here, and the only tribe De I and I dem nor beat in any battle is the Tribe of Ras Tafari which is the Niyabinghi I.
Stop preaching the hatred and inite now, and I nor say to forget what the oromos went through just like my Ancestors who you muslims sold went through the same here in the west. S
o stop all that lamentaion and join the African Family that is eeeking for I and I liberation and Redemption iver. This a De real issue now ire.

I Man will not even say much about Repatriation here on this issue, for Africa is for Africans at home and abroad, not just one Oromo tribe who feel they were here before all others and are now falling into the Neo Colonialist hand by saying they are seeking for they own state in Ethiopia. Why so much division??

That is why you all betrayed the Majesty and played the Judas part ire. Time to confess and stop selling out unno idrens and Sisthren dem for religion and power and respect Ethiopia Empireeeeeee

So long they said slavery abolish and nothing my Black people accomplish, Why? because of people like you Oromos here trying to continue to divide and conquer I and I.

My big question again still remain. If every tribe as De Oromos and Tigrinya try to seceed from Ethiopia what kind of African Unity are We going to get when everybody is looking for they little turfs alone?? What is this really all about ire.??

Remember I say I have nothing against the Oromos struggles for survival. I just cannot see any Rastaman or Woman fight against Emperor Haile I Selassie I for any heathen business. not in my life iver,I and I know better than that.

Preach inity and love and I will join with de I any day as a supporter to a positive cause. Not against I Conquering Lion of Judah, Haile I Seassie I the first of Ethiopia. De I dem a denounce the Empire right in front of I and I face and expect I and I to say yeaaaa that is it Oromos. No way ire. It is because of the wrongs why the Emperors had to do right to preserve the same Ethiopian Empire unno sell out in 1974

I and I love I and I King Alpha to the very bone. I nor join no one against My King of all Kings, No way Oromo. Any way a peace and love I man a check for still. A We a de Rasta.

Full iver now fall all Africans at home and abroad to inite as one oromos. Am I saying anything wrong here about inity? So Oromorality. Is it really wrong to inite??

Haile I Sealssie I Jah Ras Tafari, Niyabinghi I, liveth itinually.

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(1) Your not an Emperor. That is the first Lie

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