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Some are treasonists and Seccessionist
In Response To: Re: Oromo were colonised ()

Greetings Idrens and Sisthrens

Haile I Selassie I

It Is really plenty that can be said here about this matter to justify what De I Oromo people is going through yes.
I Man know this Oromo matter is coming up on the site since last year, and that is why I say it is for a division cause since this is the only approach the poster has to come say Menelik and Haile Selassie I did these people some wrong in the last hundred or more years. So now do I and I Rastafari people here have something to do with that?? no way

I done already reasoned that no African in they right mind will ever fight against the Lion of Judah, Haile I Selassie I is that Man mighty in Battle,the ible showed that.
So all the Africans including the Oromos and all who fight against King Alpha done lost the battle against that Man long time since it was prophecied ages ago. It was said He shall be mighty in battle. check that out ire. He is the Field Marshall Soldier of Human Rights and Justice.He had to protect the whole Ethiopian Nation not just a tribe ire. Tell the truth here.

Yet I still continue saying. I and I can move on since the 1974 revolution took place, because the people done say HIM dead and so Ras Tafari people no owe no one nothing no more. A We a de Rasta now A We a carry that new name what terrible and dreadful amongst heathens, that name is Ras Tafari Mighty One to be feared.
Do not ever seek His wrath ire. He is a roaring lion of the Tribe of Judah. Ethiopia is where the ible said this Man shall born. And the Highest Himself shall establish Her(Ethiopia) This I and I in the diaspora saw clearly who Selassie I is,Divine son of David, Greater Jesse, the Root and Offspring, the seed also of the Wise one of the earth King Solomon, that is where that connection to Palestine came in ire.
Israel God is Israel King and Israel King is Israel God, Dat a Haile I Selassie I Himself. So why should anyone desire to fight this King to loose a battle and they done know who He is.

Just as Eyasu did too. He tried to sell out Ethiopia to the Turks and Ras Tafari had to stop him to preserve Ethiopia ancient independence. And then certain tribal misleaders(Dictators) are trying to sell out the Nation to the religious slavemasters who sold I and I to the europeans long before and will do that again if they get the upper hand. So Haile I Selassie I continue to protect I and I from those treasonist.

Now what going happen now to the change that took place with the OAU to the AU??
My question always remain the same. Are these So called leaders of this new Africa Union going to take their new Charter and really inite and free Africans at Home and abroad?? This is the real big matter here infront of us, not this simple tribal issue about one tribe against another business. I and I are speaking about the Unfinished business of We the Black peoples of the World. I am speaking about all Africans wherever they live on this planet.

Who going to do this mystic duty?? I know only Ras Tafari can do that Himself. Babywrong done gone down dey. Then only for an iver then the real thing going to happen and it will be a mystery how Africa will be in that iver. Many who born on the Continent will even come out here to the west and get lost while I and I will be doing our best to get home. Why not work together on Repatriation of all Africans so I and I can build together?? Repatriation to the Ras Tafari way of life can be great for I. Then I know all ones will live irie. No so ire?? Rasta a de irie people for a long iver now. I and I always love Africa regardless of all the negatives they taught I and I. And eventhough some of I and I peoples sold us in bondage. I love my people no matter.

I remember hearing that when the Emperor was asked to go to another country to avoid a take over of Ethiopia. The Majesty said He gave them (Ethiopians)education to do whatever they desire , and if they educate theyselves to take over government by force, then let them do that. One thing they must remember to do, is to treat the people better.

Now the new leaders of present Africa have all the resources that they meet there in the Organization of African Unity to take their African Newnion and mend these abuses of the African Nation.

Then about your saying that Shashamane is on Oromo land . Remmember this is an international Land Grant for We the Black peoples of the Diaspora who helped Ethiopia in the time of need with the war with Mussolini starting in 1935. And this is Charter is now registered in the United Nations under the Administration of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc.

This is a worlwide connection here for Repatriation is a must. Africans who were taken out of Africa not by their free will, but by force, Has to return some good day to the land of their forefathers(Ancestors).500 years is not long enough to take away I and I Heritage. My family taught I that they took I and I out of Africa and they never took Africa out of I and I. Africa is also I and I home too,This continent is not just for the people who were born there. look how much Africans are coming to the west now?? What is really going on??
This remind I of Joseph and His Brothers the Twelve tribes of Israel, we all know that matter how he was sold. Slavery is a sin yes my Oromo idren. All Africa was doing that a long iver.

And another thing is this. Wasn't it Haile I Selassie I himself as Emperor who declared slavery illegal in Ethiopia??? So how can any one fight this King there???
Another thing is that. No Rastaman in their good mind going to join anyone to fight our great Ancestors such as Yohnnes, Menelik and Emperor Haile I Selassie I of Ethiopia. These are the two people who kept Italy from taking the nation as a colony of Europe.How come the Oromos are not saying this??? What about the battle of Adowa?? What part Menelik played in that to keep Ethiopia free from Italy?? How can I ever fight these great African leaders?? No way ire, no way.

I do not get involve with the African tribal business, that is unno own business, that was part of what put I and I in bondage in the first place,that divide and conquer business. And again. How much seccessions going to go on in Ethiopia?? Is every tribe going to declare themselves a state overnight also?? What is Oromo people doing?? secceeding also? Why all this division in the land?? I know why.
Haile Selassie I done say that Ethiopians will be scattered as the wind until they find out who He is. Many Ethiopians are going to face the reality that He came unto His own and His own received HIM not, and I and I Ras Tafari people who receive Him will inherit the glory of his Kingland, Africa is I and I home.

I feel the Oromo people should try to get together with the rest of the Black peoples of this world and help to inite Africans at home and abroad. How De I feel aboout that duty?? WE are all from one Creator.
I will conclude by saying. Africans have to inite now to save our Nation once and for all, Our Collective Security is at stake. We have a lot to loose here to continue all that division amongst our nation. NO so?? This I and I redemption iver . I and I must inite before that happen.

forgive any mispellings irie.
Haile I Selassie I

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