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Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons

Thankhs for the vibes me brudda. 35,000 people marched on Saturday (police estimates so you know it was probably twice that number in reality). This was the more "mainstream" march, with the churches, charities, union groups etc. outnumbering the more "radical" elements. The police apparently tried to provoke the "anarchists" who did show up but they were wise and didn't take the bait. (I put "anarchist" in quotes because that's the cover-all term the police and them use for the more militant elements; some call themselves anarchists but others don't. "Anarchist" meaning "believer in a non-hierarchical communal-type society" rather than "advocate of chaos and disorder".) There was only one arrest that I heard of. The kkkops must be disappointed no one took their bait.
But Wednesday will be the day when things either kick off or don't. I'm going to try to make it; it may be difficult to get into London. I'ma see about booking a bus tomorrow. As I said I'm going to protest peacefully but I am in full support of my sisters and brothers who may have something else in mind as long as it does not involve putting innocent people at risk.
If the financial district ends up a smouldering ruin, I will not have been one of those participating, but I won't exactly be shedding any tears (as long as no civilians get hurt).
Nuff Respect Iyah... Guidance and I-tection

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Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons

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