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The T.S.G: Terrorist Satanic Gestapo *LINK*

Now some people say there are good cops and bad cops; and I accept that not all are equally bad. I've even met one who I respect but he's an exception to the rule (he is a member of Black Cops against Police Brutality and lives under daily threat of death from his own colleagues-PS this is in the US not the UK just to be clear).
Now back to the UK where I deh at the moment; whether or not there are "good cops" and "bad cops" there is one particular group of cops where there can be not a shadow of doubt that every last one of them is an utterly obscene sack of human filth. They used to be called the SPG (Special Patrol Group) but they got so much bad press for murdering an inoffensive frail unarmed schoolteacher at an anti-fascist demonstration they had to change their name to the TSG (Tactical Support Group or some such crap, but I say Terrorist Satanic Gestapo). They are similar to New York City's SCU (Street Crimes Unit - add an M at the end and figure something out for it to stand for), the "elite" group that brought you the Amadou Diallo slaying, not to mention slamming my 13 year old cousin up against the wall for daring to walk down the street. Some recent information about their heinous activities can be found in the link below. PS This group of satanists is always in the front line at demonstrations, they tried to kill my friends who were protesting the Israeli bombing of Gaza, trapped people in a tube (subway) tunnel and rushed em, praise JAH no one died...
Check de link:

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The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons *LINK*
The T.S.G: Terrorist Satanic Gestapo *LINK*
The reason the accusations are 'unsubstantiated'
A Blast from the Past from L.K.J. *NM* *LINK*
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons

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