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The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons *LINK*

I hope all my people protesting in London today stay safe and strong and stand firm in the face of the outrageous threats (and that is what they amount to, out and out threats) organised by our friends in the metropolitan police, who can't manage to catch rapists until they've raped literally hundreds of women but are just great when it comes to cracking unarmed demonstrators' skulls (men women and children, if you think different then attend some demonstrations til you find out for yourself). I hope that if anyone does get seriously hurt today, it's them and not us. I hope to be able to make it for the demonstrations on Wednesday, I think I can get away with taking the day off work. I intend to go simply to exercise my right to peacefully protest, however I fully understand those who go with an extra-legal agenda in mind as long as it does not put innocent people at risk. There is only so much people can take before they start to push back. PS There should be no targetting of ground-level banking staff, they are workers like you and me trying to survive inna babylon.
Read about the outrageous threats from the demon-pigs of hell below:

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The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons *LINK*
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Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons
Re: The Sheer GALL of these god damned demons

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