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Re: Same truth talks Oromorality???

i make he point about the oromo being cushite to show that they are the original inhabitants of the area not to show them to be any better or more african than other peoples or that they are any better than abyssinians who happen to be mixed of cushite and semetic.i have already stated this mnay times,this is not a racial issue.i don't understand why you view the oromo speaking the truth about what has happened to them as tribalism.they are not the only ones that have been oppressed.should not all oppressors be chanted down?unity will happen in ethiopia when the government in ethiopia admits what has gone on and truthfully works to better the situation,which has not happened yet.to call the oromo cry for justice "tribalism" is madness.check all the evidence as to what has gone on.what about niabhinghi "death to black and white downpressors",equal rights and justice.the first step in ending the oppression is to make people aware of the true history concerning it,then maybe ones can work towards truely changing the situation for the better and true unity in ethiopia and the rest of africa can be the result.

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***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
defenders of freedom of our race the black race
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
i am listening are you?
Same division talks Oromorality???
Re: Same truth talks Oromorality???
unity question what is needed

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