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i am listening are you?

no one is denying that abyssinians are a mixture of semetic and cushite people.the issue is not whether one is better by having pure cushite blood or a mixture.the issue is the colonization of the oromo and others by the abyssinians for more than a century .all the evidence presented in the several threads clearly shows this.search the internet yourself if you don't believe it.go to the library check the following books Legesse, Asmarom. Oromo Democracy: An Indigenous African Political System. Eritrea: Red Sea Press, 2000.
Jalata, Asfa. Oromo Nationalism and the Ethiopian Discourse : The Search for Freedom and Democracy. Eritrea: Red Sea Press, 1998.
Baxter, P. T. W.. Being and Becoming Oromo : Historical and Anthropological Enquiries. Eritrea: Red Sea Press, 1996.
Holcomb, Bonie and Ibssa, Sisay. The Invention of Ethiopia: A Dependent Colonial State in North East Africa. Eritrea : Red Sea Press.

if you think i am talking about a racial issue you are misunderstanding what i am trying to say.i am talking about the oromo and others right for self determination, to live their original culture and be free of the oppression that they still face today in ethiopia.you may also try talking to some oromo people about all of this.abyssinia was the only black participant in the scramble for africa.the fact that they oppress their black brothers is even more appalling.

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***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
defenders of freedom of our race the black race
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
i am listening are you?
Same division talks Oromorality???
Re: Same truth talks Oromorality???
unity question what is needed

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