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***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***


I am sick and tired of people like Oromorality and Rootsie who talk a lot of hot air without foundation.

Who dem fi tell I me nah black? I am a habesha of the tribe of Tigriniya(Eritea/Ethiopia) and I can tell you that we(habeshans)all know we are black even if we have semetic blood in our genes. We also have lots of the Kushite blood in our blood as well. Any habesha person who do not consider himself/herself black is living in dillusion.

Oromorality in order to make your point you are posting a lot of fallacy. Even if you would not addmit it we are all(including you and me) related. I dare one try to tell I that I do not have kushite blood in I then I will tell you to visit Eritrea/Ethiopia and see all its people for yourself. We the habesha people are not only black but we are the defenders of our race the black race and our country(note I did not say continent) Mama Africa.

Jah Live,

Proud to be black and Habesha,


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***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
defenders of freedom of our race the black race
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
i am listening are you?
Same division talks Oromorality???
Re: Same truth talks Oromorality???
unity question what is needed

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