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Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***

no one is questioning your "blackness".what i am questioning is the ethiopian version of the hitory of the area. The second cultural group in Ethiopia, the Habasha (Abyssinians) consisting of the Amhara (approximately 16%) and the Tigray (less than 5%), although they are not from Cushitic Origin, have somewhat successfully developed an "Ethiopian" mythology that portrays the Cushite Oromo as latecomers into the land of their own origin. They refer to the Oromo by the pejorative Amhara term "Galla" (heathen/uncultured) and also completely distort Oromo history and culture. Contrary to accounts fabricated by this group and echoed by their hired pens, the evidence is quite strong that virtually all of the historical credits amassed generically upon "Ethiopians" were all references to the ancient Cushites. The birth of the human race (4.4 million years ago), the fashioning of the first pebble tools (70,000 years ago), the discovery and domestication of wild animals (8000 years ago), in fact, the very nomenclature of "Ethiopia" itself translated into "Cush" in Hebraic and Egyptian annals, were all ancient Cushitic heritage.

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***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
defenders of freedom of our race the black race
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
Re: ***Who Dem Fi Tell I Me Nah Black?***
i am listening are you?
Same division talks Oromorality???
Re: Same truth talks Oromorality???
unity question what is needed

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