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Same division talks Oromorality???
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Haile I Selassie I

Why? Why? Why are you preaching this political tribalism here all the iver idren??
De I cannot send no other post for even a solution to the matter
When are the African People going to inite as one?? Why all this revenge and hatred ire??

Imaging you trying to say a black person is not a Cushite because they come from another part of Africa. So you also feel that the black peoples of the Diaspora are not Africans then?? Shame on you Oromorality.
I thought De I was trying to Inite here to bring about a healing process, yet from since a long iver now you are insinuating all this division about Oromos being better than any other Black Ethiopians. What are you doing this here for ??

Keep that tribalism in your Oromo place and leave the other Black peoples of Africa alone ire.

I swore De I was looking to see a healing process begin here, instead De I just keep pushing this propaganda about other people of Africa. What is wrong with De I dem ire?? All Black peoples are Africans regardless of their tribe, birthplace, or religion and polytricks.

Imaging you are saying the other Ethiopians come from Arabia and most oromos are in allegiance with Mecca because of their religion. Arabia is part of Africa ire. All those land were one people of different tribes until religion seperated them around the seventh century. Stop the division ire

How can Africa ever inite with people as De I. I come to the conclusion De I is not even an Oromo person. De I is just another distractor here trying to make dissention amongst the posters. That is politricks from the Continent. leave it dey ire.
Oromorality. Stop that tribal talk to the people ire. Full time now for more inity amongst Africans those at home and those abroad. No so ire??
Africa must inite somehow Rasta. What wrong with De I

This is a weird matter here ire. time to get a solution to it, instead of all this balling. Stop it ire

Can hatred ever be better than love. Where is unno love gone??? This Black against black tribalism is a Bumbo- C nonsense. How Africa going to be one if I and I cannot let go of tribal warfare and let love control the matter. Too much hatred talk here ire. Too much.

Whatever happened to the Oromos, all Black peoples went through some of that too, east, west, north and south. No true???

Time for solutions ire.

Jah Ras Tafari,Niyabinghi

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Same division talks Oromorality???
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