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(360) Is Rastafari truly only about the Heart???

I give thankhs for reasonings.

It is truly ironic that the word/power “360" is relevant with this reasoning

360 has announced a hiatus. When I asked why, he responded “ i was getting too worked up intellectually without the appropriate balance of heartful meditation. Rastafari is a meditation of the heart, not the intellect.”

I questioned that statement, specifically, “Rastafari is a meditation of the heart, not the intellect.” with this response, “Heart AND Minds make us Rastafari/Human. We must never deny a natural Jah-given function”.

Not that I am retracting that statement (yet), but I would like to reason on it a little more deeply and ask for input.

I have previously sighted that EVERYTHING comes down to Nature and Choice. And Nature “wins”.
Nature (female) wins because everything is cycles/circular, from subatomic to galactic. Hence,Choices are ONLY within the bounds of Natural Law.
The reason I use “win” is because we have been instilled with a Mind/Set of division and competition between the genders, which only highlights and promotes patriarchal/masculinity but suppresses and denies matriarchal/femininity. So I am perhaps only “counter-balancing” the lopsidedness (or speaking uncomfortable truths that many men do not want to accept, i.e “Absolute power in the female’s hands”)

Choice - Male - Linear (phallus) - Energy/Father - Mind
serves and supports
Nature - Female - Cycle (womb) - Matter/Mother - Heart

Choice is the splitting of Nature (nature's legs)(“Y”) into the possible and the impossible. Either creating or destroying potential realities.
Hence, Choice is a part of, serves, and supports Nature...Nature is the whole.

Male (phallus/sperm) is the provider for the Female (womb/egg), so that she may carry out her life-giving and life-nourishing functions.
Hence, the Male is a part of, serves, fertilizes and supports the Female...Female (womb) is the whole.

Linear movement is the “apparent” non-Circular transition from A to B. But inevitably, there must be a transition within any useful movement that returns to point A. (a 360 degree movement)
Hence, linear is a part of, serves and supports circularity...A Circle is the whole.

Energy is the force, the spirit behind the functions of Matter.
Hence, Energy is a part of, serves and supports Matter...Matter is the whole. Matter is the Temple. (there is energy within matter...but not necessarily matter within energy)

And the Mind is the guardian of the Heart. The Mind processes data with the use of previously made choices in order to continue the function of Life, our physical cycle.
Hence, the Mind is a part of, serves and supports the Heart...The Heart is the whole.

So with that overstanding (hopefully), I must now sight that I find truth in Three-Sixty’s statement: “Rastafari is a meditation of the heart, not the intellect”.

Not that intellect should be discarded, but should be placed in its proper perspective as but a part of the Heart/Temple.

No mystery that in the Judgement, Ma’at (depicted as a god-dess) weighs the Heart against a feather, not the Mind.

But why?
Why, if we are judged by the Choices (masculine) we make? Why weigh the Heart?
Be/Cause we are judged by how we judge and if we make Choices WITHOUT following our Hearts (feminine/Empresses), we fail to serve and support our whole/selves, thus do not manifest the true Power of the Ankh, which is actually a metaphor/symbol for the everlasting/unlimited power of male/female unification. In other words, the male/female unification result of a child is but only the physical manifestation of “everlasting life” and being “born again”. Every second of our existence requires the “marriage” of choice and nature, male and female, phallus and womb, energy and matter, and mind and heart in order to be wholistically born again for the next second...and then over again and again (circular).

No mystery that “a society is measured by its treatment of its wombmen”...we too are measured by our treatment of our temple’s wombman: throne/Matter(flesh)/Auset/Heart.

The Mind IS responsible for gaining data/information and deciphering what is useful or not. So it is absolutely vital to feed the Mind with knowledge so that the Mind utilizes this intelligence to make proper Choices to motivate our matter (bodies) in defense and support of the Heart to keep our bodily cycles flowing.

No mystery that the Heart controls “circulation”.

When a child is developing inside the womb, it is the Wombman’s Heart that has absolute power for 9 months. In a proper setting, the Male’s role is again to protect, support and defend the life that is now out of his hands.

The Mind (male) is the weapon to defend the Heart (female).
(the King defends/protects his Queen)

No mystery that the male principle is so-called “higher” refering to the element of Air (thoughts). The Greeks identified Air with Zeus who is a copy of the Afrikan Aten/Amon/Ra
No mystery that the female principle is so-called “grounded” refering to the element of Earth/H-eart/Heart-h/“Hearth” (Hathor)
The Greeks identified Earth with Hera who is a copy of the Afrikan Isis/Auset/Hathor

As it stands now, I sight that Rastafari IS indeed about the Heart, as is Life, Nature, Cosmos...EVERYTHING. The Mind is simply the guiding light and guarding light to the destination.

The light of the Sun is not affirmed unless it unites/interacts with Matter (Re-flection). Otherwise we have the only the darkness of space.

And with that said, since Rastafari is a re-union with our Mother, Sister, Wife and Consort Nature/Netjer, perhaps it is the Heart (matriarch) that we have lost in being chopped up (enslaved) and scattered (Diaspora) and it is the power/strength/unison of our missing Hearts with our tampered Minds (180+180=360 degree complete/whole/circle) within the encompassing of Jah's (Ra's/Ras) grace that will truly conceive "a King to be crowned in 'Afrika'".

"Absolute power in the female's hands" and "Absolute truth within Nature" are both the same statement.

I ask for guidance with these sights so that I may strengthen my foundations/truths in order to overstand and develop.
I thankh ones for any input and ask for your sharings..

-all ways seeking

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