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Absolute Power In The Female's Hands

*****Karibkween: Which experience/lifestyle is most likely to produce an Ausar/Augur? Should we look to the usurping deceivers, their chosen neophytes or should our search begin at the source; the 100% unadulterated African? *****

hotep karibkween:

In my heart, I sight not the production of Ausar, but of Heru (higher Ausar).

We are already Ausars but we have our 'evil twins' who are envious of our place and of our consorts/Black Goddesses/Madonnas.

As the ancients observed and re-told the Natural (Netjer All) occurrences, Ausar (black man) is chopped up (divided/confused/crippled/extracted/enslaved) into many pieces (many lands of Diaspora). It is the all encompassing love and dedication and hope and the intunement with Nature (magic) that allows Our Mother (Notre Dame - Mother Afrika - Black Wombman) to re-member (reassemble/resurrect) her King.

But let us sight that Auset was a "single mom". So no mystery that today we have single mothers who do a helluva job with what they have. Look how many sports "Heros" (Herus) have been raised only by Queens. Look how many fathers have been destroyed/incarcerated/dispersed by Set (babylon/europeans).

In scriptured legends, the stars (Age transitions) foretold of a savior/hero so "pharoah" and "caesar" dispatched assassins to kill the "first born males". So it is no mystery that crack, AIDs, MTV, BET, Madonna, Planned Parenting, and Nonoxyl-9 were dispatched by King Reagan to "kill" the first generation of black males of the 1980s after the civil rights "gains" of the 1960s.

All of this occured ironically after a meeting between Reagan, Gorbachev, and Pope JohnPaul II. And everyone should know by now that the Roman Catholic Church is the guardian and practitioner (thief) of ancient Afrikan spirituality BUT also understands the diminishing populations and hides/conceals the weaknesses of "Westerners". Their knowledge of stellar alignments AND their missionary/church networks span the globe (deeper than the CIA). So it is no impossibility that their communication network is as if not more powerful and influential as the CIA. The information that the Catholic Church has on families, finances, thoughts, through extensive record-keeping and via the secret sacrament of "confession" is nothing to deny. The Church has to be the original "internet". And the whole world falls under the control and command of the Vatican [specifically, the Pope-Papa-father], in Italy. (Home of the Roman Empire-Caesar [and Mafia-Godfather])

So it is through the Womb of Blackness that our higher selves are to be born. And this Heru will slay the evil Seth.

You can see on these boards that we are dipersed in every direction. But my Goddess, it is our I-sis-ters that must resist instilled relgious and social inferiorities, the unleashing of lesbianism, contrived european-oriented beauty enhancements and bling-bling.

You have the same power as Auset...you ARE Auset.

Our people's future is "absolute power in the female's hands", just as every one of our lives were for 9 months in the your wombs.

We are taught to avoid/resist/deny any essence of femininity. So we are in essence "chopped up" because of that alone. But a black wombman has to be both feminine and masculine at times. It is seen everyday. EXCELLENT JOB.

Cosby was correct in one thing but did not understand the context. Having "lots of" babies is the natural thing to do in a species-threatening scenario.

And this day and age is definitely a species-threatening scenario.

-blessed is the fruit of thy womb

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