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Madonna - Mother of salvation from whiteness?

I must sight that Madonna, the pop queen as with from whom she is named, is the mother of the “savior” of white people. Madonna paved the way for the crumbling of the barrier between the womb of the “chaste catholic white girl” and the seed of the virile black male.

Throughout the career of the person considered “the greatest female entertainer of all-time”, Madonna broke down taboos and empowered white female sexual CHOICE. The most controlling taboo is sexual behavior/restriction which is traditionally the most uptight and repressive in the Catholic practice, of which she grew up. Also hidden within these taboos are the fear and demonization of black males in respects to sexual prowess, potency and size. We must remember that Marijuana perhaps was outlawed solely because of the uninhibited behavior of white women under the influence when in the presence of black jazz music and culture...Instead of Mari-juana, it is now Ma-donna, who eased the fear of a black p***s by using the interracial sex/lust appeal already engrained in baby-boomer black men's minds since childhood through Marilyn Monroe, Playboy magazines and bra-less womens' libbers of the 50's-60's. So the men were already "softened-up" (excuse the reverse pun)

For white women, Madonna removed the shackles/lies/restrictions of whiteness and uptightness, implemented by white/male/supremacy through white fathers, both family fathers and Catholic fathers.

The removal of that barrier is the true secret meaning of (white)"Women's Lib Movement"

Sex was only the "attention-getter" of the Madonna movement. The message was salvation via the return to "blackness"

We are talking about a woman which means that she is intuned to Nature in ways that men are not. So it would be fathomable that she is not totally enslaved into the Mindset of white/male/supremacy which is destructive to everything/everybody in Nature. Which means that a conscious white woman knows that for her children’s (higher truths’) sakes, they must be restored of their deficiencies. (vitamins and vampires and communion, thankhs seshatasefekht)

No mystery that an article that seshatasefekht linked to me addressed the connection between Holy Communion (body and blood) of the Sun (Son) of God for everlasting life with the body and blood of BLACKNESS. (please link, seshata)

So also no mystery that “Madonna” is the mother of interracial sexuality in which the offsprings of her music-video influence will have the body and blood of “Christ”. In other words, the children of her impact will be delivered from whiteness and “saved” with blackness.

If we review her legacy, we may possibly reveal a connection that confirms my sights:

I must first mention that at the onset, Madonna was purposely not photographed in order to not alienate captive R&B listeners who thought that she was black. Madonna was considered a "great dancer" for a white girl and gave whites confidence to move and shake their rumps as did John Travolta when disco took whites into the previous bold step towards "black rhythm and movements" in 1977.

1977-She studied under choreographer Alvin Ailey.

1982 signed to Sire Records. The word "sire" means "an important elderly man", "father, male parent”
Sire - Si-re - “Yes Re” - “affirmative/affirming Re” (the Sun)

1982 First single is “Everybody” (All)
1983 Second club single “Physical Attraction” (self-explanatory)

Then she releases her self-entitled album “Madonna”
1983 “Holiday” (holy day)(significant event/occurrence)
1984 “Borderline” (frustrations with love-making...size?)
1984 “Lucky Star” (star of Bethlehem?)("Sirius", ironically on "Sire" records)

Of course "Desperately Seeking Susan" is started. D.S.S. is a movie that basically condemns the "bored traditional loyal housewife" and encourages seeking "liberation and self-identity"
Then at the end of 1984, we have the album “Like a Virgin” (Virgin Mary/Madonna).
The album was produced by “Niles” Rodgers and of course hit number one in December (The Winter Solstice (death and re-birth of the Sun)

1985 “Material Girl” - Now this song is peculiar because it speaks of a woman who seeks “fame and power” but the video features her rejecting “rich men” for a poor pick-up truck driving commoner. Perhaps the fame and power are metaphoric for non-material “richness”. This is significant because one of the confines of white supremacy is material and social richness (status)

1986 “Papa Don’t Preach” - Of course her father objects to her celestial seeking of the black seed and the father wants the abortion.

1987 - “Open Your Heart” The lyrics: "Open your heart, I'll make you love me. It's not that hard, if you just turn the key"

1989 - “Like a Prayer” - the video in which she kissed a Black saint causing uproar in the Vatican.
The lyrics “When you call my name, it's like a little prayer, I'm down on my knees, I want to take you there. In the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer, I want to take you there”
The song is actually about the fear, oppressiveness, obsession with guilt of Catholicism, which again is the worldwide guardian of white female racial sexual purity. It is worth mentioning that the song features an innocent black man being falsely arrested for helping a white woman who was attacked by white assailants. I do not think that it gets any clearer than this song represents the oppression of the false religion of white/male/supremacy which is the enemy to most whites, all non-whites, and all women.

Madonna through sex, which is the instinctive drive for species survival, began the momentum that liberated white women’s fear of the Sons of the Sun. Madonna tore down the racial/sexual "Berlin Wall". Ever since, it has been popular and fashionable for whites to have some connection to non-whiteness. No mystery that the "Rib Burn-Off" in my city is dominated by corporate white barbecue restaurants with reggae, jazz and R&B music playing and ones "sun-bathing" as if something was wrong with lily whiteness.

I find it symbolic that her marriage to Sean Penn went nowhere and ironically, in 1996, she gave birth to a girl in which the sperm-donor was chosen specifically because of "dark and handsome" (however non-threatening Black Afrikan) features, but colored enough to make the point without being too drastic which would have resulted in rejection and Micheal Jackson-esque public humiliation.

For those in her generation who were unable to defy their father's oppositions, they now have children that watch videos and sports which (good, bad, or ugly), sexually appeal to the first generations of Aquarius and are more open to their daughter dating a brother. Madonna is absolutely the mother of consciousness for white women seeking the escape from the bondage/deficiency of whiteness and the return to the communion with blackness; musically, culturally, genetically or otherwise.

By hook or crook, even some white people are coming home. Too bad there are those of us who are going the other direction.

-peace, always

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