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The degree of blackness

I give thankhs for the reception of light when one seeks vision...greetings all brethren, isistren and others.

This is in response to the reasonings on color/complexion (brown paper bag test).

I sight that it is not just a matter of being BLACK...it is a matter of BLACKNESS. “Lights” and “Darks” are both black...true. Lights and Darks both experience racism and oppression...true. But there is a key difference in the injection of the ingredients of white supremacy. It is a matter of (concealed white self hatred) which is transformed into a perpetual inferiorization and demonization of that which is the extreme opposite of the contrived elevation of whiteness, and that is BLACKNESS.

These characteristics and traits and beauty and completeness are SO HATED and ENVIED by the enemy, that he will raise ANYONE/ANYTHING/ANY MEANS to challenge and dethrone that which he lacks, which includes melanin (which is in-tuned with the Sun/Ra/Heilos/Sol of God) rhythm, spiritual inclination, in-tunity with Nature, and anything else which he finds himself in absence of. He has positioned the light, with the highlighting/beautification of white features (so-called ‘good hair’ and skin tone) just high enough to continually self-subdue BLACKNESS within families, the media, communities, organizations and power circles (e.g. Brown Bag)

The most significant continuum of suppressing blackness is the instillment of colorism. More importantly/tragic was the polarity of this implemented colorism which positioned lights on top and darks on the bottom. This form of “willie lynchism” is so influential that it is perpetuated currently by lights (or light supremacy mentality) who enjoy the privileges/hierarchy of this polarisation. Unfortunately, anyone or any group that is captivated in the web of baaby is addicted, protective of, and brainwashed by this caste system. So "light privilege" still allows for exposure to the brunt of being black, but not the brunt of both being black AND possessing blackness. Persons like Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett may be black, but are held in high regard by white America (and black America) because they do NOT possess intimidating/challenging/wholistic aesthetics and characteristics of blackness.

On the surface it may seem divisive and pompous for darks to beat their chests, but it is not a matter of hierarchy or oppressive backlash, it is a matter of cold/atrocious/genocidal/continuous/actualized facts. There is total legitimacy behind the argument of “Dark skinned blacks” and their positioning atop the leadership of the liberation/opposition movements upon movements resulting in revolution. The words spoken by darks are not to offend/alienate lights...the words are to speak the TRUTH...BEING BLACK and possessing BLACKNESS is “double jeopardy” in Baaby.

It is about the personification/representation of that which is hated/feared/envied by the deceivers.

It is about rightful “reparations” to the throne of Mother Earth, the Originals, the Netjers, the Sons and Daughters (Sa Ra) of the ALL.

With that said...to be fair, however, I must sight the split of the Y's.

If we take the approach of combating baaby aggression, we must position a MALE to the role because he is the pawn by which the destruction of the race is manipulated. But if we are to react (return/restore/reparate) to Nature/Cosmos, we must position the FEMALE/QUEEN to her rightful AST in order to resurrect our Heros (Herus).

All hinges on the powers of our Queens' Wombs and Minds. This is the truth that utters us fore word.

Hail Mary (Helios Mar) "waters/oceans/seas of the Sun" "Rays of Ra"
Full of grace,
Blessed art thou amongst women
and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, G is US.

-all ways

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