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Re: Point taken, Makeda, give thanks, Raspek

Actually as it turn out Roger Steffens' presentation was not on the 6th, it's gonna be next Monday at this lil concert-hall here in town. The gateman is me bredren so i won't have to worry about any $$ dilemma. I intend to respectfully ask Mr. Steffens why it's so incredible or impossible that Bob could have been assassinated. Not saying it was so, but it's a possibility. I'm sure you've heard the story about Carl Colby (son of the director of the CIA) and the pair of boots he gave to Bob which had a piece of copper wire embedded in them which pricked him... that information comes from someone I consider to be a credible source, Lee Lew-Lee, African-Chinese Harlemite and ex-Black Panther, and maker of the excellent documentaries "The Panama Deception" and "All Power to the People."
I do apprecilove the rare footage and so forth that Mr. Steffens brings forth. Last year I did learn one thing I didn't know about Bob, the double-meaning of "brown sugar all over her booga-wooga", I had not been aware that "booga-wooga" was the name in JA for the shoes that sugar-cane cutters wear.
I do wonder if it would be right for Mr. Steffens to sell his collection and keep all the money, though, even if he is 100% genuine... it would seem that all that historical documentation should be the collective property of the people maybe?
I get your point about doing something positive rather than complaining about something (perceived as) negative. In the past I have brought people to speak places, I brought Ramona Africa, only adult survivor of the police bombing of MOVE in Philly, to Portland, OR to speak about MOVE and Mumia Abu-Jamal... right now I'm just being kept too busy to organize them type of things, cos I know from experience that it's better to wait til you have some time and collaborators to organize something, rather than try to organize something by yourself in a short span of time, and have it turn out to be a flop.
Next thing I want to organize like that, as soon as I have time, is to show this documentary that a Latina sister in NY made about the movement to free Mumia. (I tend to focus on that movement cos I've been a part of it for a long time, and I feel it highlights a whole range of issues- Mumia's case is representative of a lot more than just him as an individual.) It was recently completed and is not on video or general distribution yet. If someone like yourself or perhaps bro. Muta would be interested in bringing it to JA, you can go to www.mumia.org, look for the e-mail of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, e-mail them and I'm sure something can be arranged... I don't think the sister, her name is Tania Martinez, asks for more than airfare.
Raspek everytime, give thanks for the wisdom!

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