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Re RoJah Steffens
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Gman, Mother always said: If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything. Otherwise people will see you as a troublemaker.
Roger Steffens love of reggae and Rasta started in the 70s and caused him to build up a collection of memorabilia which has now grown into a true multi-media history. Nothing like it exists, and whatever his race and skin-colour, one can only be grateful and wish that I&I had done it I&Iselves.
He did not do this to get rich, but over time his work grew in value because of its important content. If he ultimately sells the collection, I would consider it appropriate reward for his work over 3 decades.
I find him to be one of the 'good guys' among the many whites working in Rasta vineyards. His latest work on Peter Tosh has done a lot recently to remind Jamaica and the world of the great greatness of the man Tosh.

By his WORKS shall a man be known.

While I am here --- There was a recent question that since some African women went bareheaded and bare-breasted, what was wrong with Rasta women doing the same.
ANSWER: Because covering I&I head with crowns, wearing skirts and modest clothing is the mark of a true RASTAWOMB-MAN.

Rasta IS WHAT IT IS. Everything else is something else, like those who say they are Jews but eat bacon for breakfast.


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