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Re: Re RoJah Steffens
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Seen, respek sis. Makeda. If Roger Steffens was not constantly repeating that "No way was Bob Marley assassinated, that's nonsense", I would never have been suspicious of him. But that raised a red flag for I personally. I mean why is it so incredible that he could have been murdered, it's not like they didn't try before.

I saw his presentation last year and he charged for it. And repeated several times the thing about "Bob was not assassinated." That's why I raised this thing. He is bringing his presentation to the university I'm at tonight and I wanted some first-hand opinions so I would know if I feel comfortable giving him my money, seen. I think we have a right to question things because they're not always what they seem. I apologize if I seemed to be "throwing stones" with the tone of my question: "Is he a vampire, etc."

About the head-covering and so on, I get your point. But no one should judge (directly)African women for maintaining THEIR traditon. (Not saying you are).

What about an African woman who traditionally went bare-breasted, head uncovered and sighted rastafari? Do you feel she would have to change, or could she incorporate into rastafari while keeping her own tradition?
Oh and by the way, what you think of Blackwell?
Raspek, Peace and Love.

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