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on Bob Marley & Baptism
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I am still not sure WHAT happened that caused Bob Marley's flesh and spirit to part. After hearing all the versions, my overall opinion is that JAH felt that Bob's work no longer needed a flesh temple in order to be accomplished.
In fact, looking at the result that has been accomplished by Bob's work 21 years AFTER that happened, I would definitely be presumptious enough to say that JAH knew that Bob's work would be BETTER accomplished if Bob was finally relieved of what he seriously and sadly looked on as his "work". "One bright morning when my work is over, I will fly away Home."
So I am not into the kas-kas about who/what killed Bob Marley.

Nor was I close to him in his last months and days, when he was baptized. However, as one who has understood and received baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, I believe that Bob understood as do I, that the passage of Baptism in Christ is a threshold that must be crossed as an open door into Rastafari. That was the message I received from the Emperor, that I&I MUST sight the Christ way in its original format, (not as the Kris-tians preach), wash onself of old perceptions and habits, and commence afresh in the pure Rastafari knowledge to Live Good and Love JAH!

The EOC does not overstand those Rastafari who worship the duality of giving honour both to Selassie I and to the Sonship model so clearly expressed in the true Christlife --of which we have a mere glimpse in the St. James Bible, and which we only get a clear picture of by study of H.I.M. who opened I&I Seven Seals and revealed the fullness. I&I worship Christlife in its first MANifestation on Son(sun)day, while giving praise to JAH RASTAFARI on the Sabbath for the Second Revelation of the holy inner Christhood way that I&I sighted through Selassie I.

It takes a while for one's spirituality to develop along these lines, and many cannot travel to these ends, but this is how I can describe my Rastafari Christhood, revealed to I through Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Maybe Bob also took that journey, though at the last but not late moment. It is that conjecture I consider in my book JOSEPH - A RASTA REGGAE FABLE .. which I call "what could have been .... what should have been..."

Bob Marley achieved the Everliving Life that I&I know is assured for those who do JAH hola work. So it seems that JAH has endorsed Bob's life, no matter howjealous detractors try to bring down his honour and destroy his praise. Fortunately for I&I, Bob was as human as I&I, so thankfully not perfect.

As for paying money to support Roger Steffens lectures on Bob, Rasta and reggae, remember he is just one small corner or the industry of non-Rastas earning money from I&I religion, history and livity, so think of how many people you would have to boycott!!! Why begin at Steffens? At least he has done some positive good. So has Blackwell. His far-sight became a bridge for Bob's message to reach the world.

If you have a doubt, then spend your time bigging-up some Rastas, inviting THEM to your university so you can give them your money too. I don't envy Steffens and Blackwell their $$$. I know that JAH has a different reward for I effort, and I give thanks for continually receiving I reward. Sad but true, I&I get no pay for I&I Rasta work, but rewards are not always counted in $$$. I greatest reward so far is I son Makonnen, who was co-incidentally born 17 years ago on Bob's earthday! PRAISE JAH for his BLESSING!

Give praise to JAH for sending BOB MARLEY as I&I Messenger to shine the Rasta Message and Light of Jah Love as far as the waters cover the sea, to bring I&I closer to Zion in this Blessed Iration!!!


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