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"was there any difference between aryan and hyksos groups of 17-15th bc before both groups retreated into europe?"

The underlined word here being retreated; between the Aryans and the Hyksus is a mere difference of time which separates two African migrations.

“For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhabit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race they look on as distinct and separate.” Herodotus

"The Scythians who plundered the temple were punished by the goddess with the female sickness, which still attaches to their posterity. They themselves confess that they are afflicted with the disease for this reason, and travelers who visit Scythia can see what sort of disease it is. Those who suffer from it are called Enarees. The dominion of the Scythians over Asia lasted eight-and-twenty years, during which time their insolence and oppression spread ruin on every side." Herodotus

Was this woman’s sickness Gynecomastia or Hypogonadism both represent genetic defects; and probably occurred due to hybridization, producing 47, XXY (Chromosomes) men. In fact Herodotus further states that the Scythian occupation of Syria changed the physical appearance of the Syrians. But why would Scythe not carry the same genes as his brother Gelônus, whose very name indicates that he was a Geld aka Mule. Was the third time the charm for Heracles (the Greek god who originated in Africa) and the Serpent-Maiden; a possible left over from an earlier African exit that time and space had altered?

Herodotus also links the Scythians to the Cynetians who occupied territory west of the Pillars of Hercules. This territory is so far west that the Ister, Europe's largest river does not run through it. The Scythians were also famous for "scalping" their dead enemies; does this action sound familiar? The skulls of the fallen represented their share of the loot. The more "affluent" Scythians lined the scalps with gold while the less affluent lined the inside of the scalps with leather. Herodotus, Bk 4, pg 328-329 Who were these Cynetians, who morphed into Scythians, and who originated beyond the country of the Celts? Whose national implements include the battle axe? Are these the same battle axes used in the massacre on Tierra del Fuego? Who were the people that named Éire land/Ireland and why did the natives of what is now Trinidad call their home Iere/Kairi? Was Arima and Nap-Arima, both indigenously named places in Trinidad, named for the Scythian tribe known as the Arima-spi? Is the truth about the Scythians a combination of all the tales told by Herodotus of their origins and not just the one he accepts? Could the Scythians have become wanderers after their home (Atlantis) broke apart and collapsed into the sea? Or were those mountain dwellers who took advantage of the misfortunes of those unfortunate lowland or coastline dwellers? What does the physical evidence, both genetic and archeological, tell us?

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