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Re: Blessed is the MAN whose quiver is full

indeed, the catholic church is the "old world order" semitic protectorate/construct used to indoctrinate the mindset mentioned in your article into the hearts and minds of the euro pagans/tribes.

as mentioned, the key was to firmly implant this 'doomed' and subsequent 'deliverance from doom' dogma. It then becomes a matter of the dog protecting the master that feeds it.

Semites created white ideology and thus white supremacy as the bone tossed to their watchdogs. It is prevalent today as pawns like the US continue to do the bidding of the secret societies which are semitic in foundation with only one Zionistic agenda.

Between euro/pagans, afro/pagans and semites, the semites are the odd-balls out. This is true even if one added in south american-pagans, pacific islander-pagans, australian/aborigne pagans, amerindian pagans, indo-pagans, aleutian pagans, will see SIMILARITIES in world views, universe views and divinity veneration. But our minds and seekings have been conditioned to deny those truths via the semitic demonization of ALL cultures other than its culture. Of course, scripts elevated and promoted as exclusively offered by the supreme deity is their subliminal anchor/hook into our psyches.

Plain and simple: semitism produced what we know as europeanism...europeanism did not produce semitism. When nomadic, landless, semitism reared its head in the continent of Afrika, there was no organized (so called 'civilized') Europe yet.

I know this is getting repetitive but all ones have to do is draw 3 columns on a sheet of paper and list those three categories and then compare and contrast.

no conspiracy theory...just conspiratorial truth.

-give thankhs, always

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