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Re: in other words...
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*******when did europeans embrace 'semitic' ideology?******

a. when they were converted - xtianity
b. when they were invaded by moors - islam
c. when they were seduced by finance/greed - jews

*****when did Africans embrace 'semitic' ideology?******

a. when they were colonized/converted by europe
b. when they were colonized/converted by moors
c. when they were seduced/corrupted by finance/greed.

The other questions you could answer for me, perhaps.

Be it xtianity, islam or judaism, it is still feminine-essence suppressing, singular-exclusive-male-supreme-detached semitism. And most significantly, semitism is implemented via business endeavors. Capitalism is a semitic ideology.

Money and Whiteness are the world's first 'crack cocaine' that was peddled upon the euros.

Notice the involvement/financing of jews, euro-xtians and arabs within the slave trade and other forms of european commerce.

I cannot recall jews forcefully converting folks as xtians and moslems have...but I do know that jews have converted much currency.

The religion of money and the instilled greed by which you try to acquire it, AND the religion of salve-ation as you have presented, are bones thrown to the european masses and post-slavery blacks in america. To the implementers/controllers, money is but the means and not the ends...and so is religion. To them, religion is but the method used to reach their goals and not a communion with the Creator. If you look at the semitic religious umbrella with that premise in mind, it becomes clear why so much folly, death and destruction is always committed by them in one form or another.

One of the first tricks was to de-paganize us into any one of their 3 (abrahamic) branches with an instilled yearning for wealth.

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