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Re: Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?

as oshun helped me sight, you have to view feminism outside of the Victorian gender designations and look at the masculine/feminine essences in the manner in which they are assigned to natural forces.

Masculine - linear, penetrating, aggression, invasive

Feminine - circular, encompassing, receptive

The genders and essences are 2 different things. Yet we tend to align (affirm) with those assignments by way of our physical sexuality.

But I bet you will not see anything Victorianly 'feminine' about a mother lioness protecting her cubs. I guarantee it.

So ABSOLUTELY can a man see as a woman. But it has nothing to do with sexual orientation as presented.

Not being funny but there are sexually receptive males but sexuality is not the end all be all. A female menstruates from the early teens. She is taught about the biological causes and is mentally being prepared. So there is more to being 'feminine' than just receiving appendage penetration. The essence of femininity includes what is done AFTER the penetration. It is the sharing of the body and blood. It is the nourishing and breastfeeding after birth...on and on.

Through human conditioning, we are blocked from sighting the entirety of nature in order to perform our roles in society. Interestingly based on my studies and observations, it is this conditioning by way of denial (for lack of a better term) that sometimes becomes an obstacle for males to sight the folly of dominance/superiority/control/rule/ know all those 'manly' terms, and welcome the ability/sensitivity to sight as a female.

It has negative connotations for (particularly western) males so we reject it.

-my 2 sense

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Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?
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Re: Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?

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