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Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?

Greeting idren,

Yesterday, A sistren and I were talking about a mutual friend in an abusive relationship, I told the sistren that I females are precious and should not be handled like that. But when I told the sistren that one of us should reach out to our friend, she says,

"What qualifies you to do that?"
"Why do you think you know what it is like to be female?" "You don't know anything about that so I don’t think you should be the one to talk to her."

I agree with the sistren, I am not female. But still, the conversation has been bothering me, so much so, I have questions.

Is she right? Am I under-qualified to reason with a fellow female because I am male?

If only females can sort out female issues then what good are relationships/partnerships/friendships with males?

What role is the male to play in relating to females? Submissive? Aggressive? Support?

If a man feels [shows feminine traits] is he fishy? Society restricts the two genders to gender roles, and I notice that both males and females have grown so used to performing their roles that if the other slips and acts like the other, the other’s identity is challenged and is quickly often violently checked [like what the sistren said to check me]

How then should a man show, reveal his “feminine side” I>E. care about and respect and nurture other human beings?

To say the least, I am perplexed.
Could use a hand.


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Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?
Re: Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?
Re: Can a man see as a woman? be feminist?

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