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Re: To Disciple
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**what is supreme in "synergetic hierarchy" and what is the least important component?***

Supremacy is absent in true synergy. There is no least component because all components are employed to furnish the result – which in itself is ongoing because life is ongoing (cyclical)

***ANY alleged supreme component is DEPENDENT upon what is considered lesser components. In human minds this notion causes class differentiation which is nothing more than exploiting "subordinates" because it is believed that subordinates are divinely sanctioned to serve the needs of the alleged superior.***

Seen. I see Hierarchy as classification as being fairly recent. An idren here made reference to the Sun, ones would not argue its place as ‘head’ of this system, yet it is not dependent on any of the limbs in this system. We however, do need the sun, but the Earth displays this need in a relationship/commune not antagonistically. Western manipulation of this relationship results in classification.

***Imagine America admitting that it NEEDED slaves to build its strength.***

Then it would no more be ‘America.’

****Instead, it uses hierarchy as the justification. It was by the fact that whites accomplished enslaving blacks that it was God's will in their mind. And you cannot blame them when hierarchy means "divine ranking". If it was not meant for whites to be in a superior position, God would not have allowed them to be in that position.****

I see where you’re coming from, but how did blacks and natives order their relationships before white pollution? Was order/arrangement absent from their groups/settlements? I think they did have ordering systems but did so knowing that their ordering would be chaotic without acknowledging the importance of the women and children.

You Asked ***What are some of the things we [blacks/captives] are able to do that actually ends or reverse the oppressive agenda? ****

How about actively resisting the oppressive agenda? Radically resisting lies/pacifiers of the system. Of course, captives would first have to sight that ***the acknowledgment of the truth of that arrangement is non-existent.****

Thanks for the sharing

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